Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey, new to the scene, make way for the Queen...

Today started off like Friday should, with some finishing up. I looked though the unfinished box and pulled out about a dozen or so projects that I felt I could manage to work on today, even though I knew that I would stop when I got five done. By then my enthusiasm for this project hits zero and it's bye bye Finish it up Friday.

I started off with this cute sundress that came with the Bubblecut from Christmas. It was a really cute print, but it suffered from some fit issues. I ended up moving one of the snaps in the back, so it was a bit tighter around the waist. I also changed the position of the straps. Originally they were centered over the bust darts and looked really off. They came in at the front, imagine if you will them making a "V" with both straps meeting at the belly button. That's how it looked. Also the straps were a little big, they just hovered over Barbie's shoulders. So today I ripped out the seams in the front and attached them further apart and much lower. I didn't cut off any of the excess in case I want to change the strap positions again, I hate doing something permanent like that when I didn't create it. Oh! I also reinforced the bust darts, they were looking like they might go. I really do like this dress and it's going into the main collection. I think the pink check is really cute!

After that I did a quick fix on another part of the wardrobe that came with the Bubblecut. This one was with the mint green knitted dress. In the back one of the snaps was barely hanging on. Today I just fixed it so it won't fall off. That's all I really needed to do. I also washed it since it has some staining in some places. It didn't come out, but honestly I doubt it's staining as compared to some spots that lightened. I'm kind of toying with the idea of dyeing it, but is it really worth the trouble? When would I ever really use a knitted dress, it seems a little impractical. It might just end up in the random stuff I doubt I'll use box (which is getting pretty full).

Next I moved onto something different, something that I've had for a while. It's a revealing bikini top, that came with some dollar store doll (I think). While I like it, it stays on with ties. I hate tying things in doll size, it's the worst. Especially when it's thin ribbon like this is. Anyway, I had managed a knot in the back of it that had gotten stuck. Today I managed to get the knot undone, and then I glued all the edges of the ribbon to keep the fraying from getting any worse. Pretty simple fix, but one that I never got around to until today. It's not shown on a doll because it's the worst to get on. I'm not doing all that work to just show how it looks.

With those three done, I took a break. Mainly because it was lunchtime by then, and I was hungry. After lunch was over I went out to check the mail. There was a package for me, containing something I've been missing, and that sealed the deal about Finish it up Friday.

I managed to get into the front door before I began to tear into the package. Partially because I was carrying a bunch of other mail, partially because it was sealed with tape, and partially because I was super nervous. Inside that box held Charlotte, with new face paint that I've never seen before. Would I still love my little poppet? Or would our love affair be over? Only time would tell. Inside, I opened the box quickly but still hesitantly. I could see that he had wrapped Charlotte like I had when I sent her. The white stabilizer that I had used to wrap her was covering her, and he had used the same red ribbon, tied at her waist, to hold it all together. Even through the stabilizer I could see that she now had face paint on. Nervously I untied the ribbon and pulled back the stabilizer. And was stunned. It's hard to explain, she looks so different, beautiful but different. It's amazing the level of detail that he managed to get on such a small canvas. I mean I've seen his work before, but seeing it in person you really can appreciate the details that he's managed to add to it.
Seeing Charlotte with face paint is so different, for so long she didn't have any. It certainly takes some time to get used to. While I do like it, my only issue is that I wish her eyes were a little bit bigger. How her eyes are now they're a little more mature than I was expecting. She might not be able to pull off cute as easily now! But that's something I can learn to live with. I am really impressed with it. She looks fantastic, and whenever I look at her I just can't help but notice how striking she is. Honestly if it wasn't for her hair, and some other similarities from the old Charlotte I wouldn't believe it's the same doll. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this sexier and more confident Charlotte!
She needs a real photo shoot soon.


  1. She's gorgeous, but she could totally still play cute. I love her look. You have to tell us more about her and her personality. I'm doing to know who Miss Charlotte is. :-)

  2. I'm learning that she can still play cute, it's just a bit more work now re-learning about her.
    And yes, I totally need to do an introduction about her.