Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little mystery to share with you all... (Final)

This is a continuation of yesterday's post, so if you didn't read that you might want to hop back a day and do so, that way you won't be confused by anything that I reference from yesterday. Now that I had looked over and removed the doll's clothing, I was finally able to look at the doll as a whole.
Since I had her at home I grabbed a Barbie to compare her proportions to. She's made of a hard plastic, with very little give, in a very peachy pink color. Standing on her flat feet she is roughly a half inch shorter than Barbie. What's weird is that even though she's only a bit shorter, many of her proportions don't match up. Her legs are a half inch shorter, they are also thicker than Barbie's. They do not bend, and on one leg her thigh is much bigger than the other. Which I think was one of the reasons why the pantaloons got to stressed when going over her thighs. At the heels of her feet she has that super thin plastic issue that cheap dolls get, the one where it's almost translucent and easily collapses at any pressure. Her legs attach to her torso at a "V", meaning that when seated her legs will be spread. I doubt that when wearing her skit she would have been able to sit, since there wasn't much volume to her skirts. Her torso is also about a half inch shorter than Barbies. Her measurements are similar to the belly button body, with the larger waist and smaller bust. Although her bust is smaller and her waist is larger. I would say this body type is closer to that of a teen doll than a woman doll. Also on her torso are the remaining makers marks on her, again they are just "Hong Kong", located between her shoulder blades. Not that helpful. The torso is made from the same plastic as the legs, so are the arms.
The arms shorter than Barbie's, but have very nice detailed fingers. Each one is molded separately and has designs mimicking fingernails as well as knuckles.
Her head is the only part of her that is actually bigger than Barbie's. This gal suffers from big head syndrome (BHS), although with her smaller and shorter proportions it isn't as jarring as when Barbie has it. Her face paint is simple, but effective, and her face mold is pleasant to look at. Her eyebrows are simple single strokes of black. Her eyes are blue and side glancing, and have four eyelashes on the top. Her lips are a pale peach that may have faded over time. Her hair is jet black, and reaches down to her bust, but it doesn't normally. It's styled with a cute little flip at the bottom. Her hair did not seem to be brushed often, and is in good condition. Could stand to use some brushing and taming.
Now, prepare to have your mind's blown. Look at the photos at the sides. Do you see the similarities between the two dolls? What you see is the comparison between Horsman's Mary Poppins doll and this one. The look really close, don't they? Just a coincidence you say? Well, you naysayer look at both of their hands.

Do you see how much the look alike? They do have some differences though. The Horsman doll is still bigger than this new doll, but their similarities are undeniable. Since they were so close in size I wondered if Horsman made the doll in other sizes. Turns out they did... just not smaller. But I did manage to find a doll that looked like mine on E-bay. Except instead of having "Hong Kong" written on her, she had "H" for Horsman written on the back of her head. My Mary Poppins has that, but the new one has the Hong Kong where the H should be.
Do you know what I think? Judging from what I see, I think I have one of those "dress your own doll" deals that they sell in craft stores. I think that's the only way to explain the huge difference in the quality of the clothes compared to the doll itself. Someone out there purchased this doll, probably only wearing a pair of underwear, and the shoes and made the dress. They put it on a shelf, and left it there until it got donated. My theory is that some company either purchased the original Horsman mold, or appropriated it and used it to make this doll. If they did steal it, it was either so low key that it's theft went unapparent, or it was after Horsman went out of business. What do you guys thing? Mystery solved?
As for this doll I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her. Yes I have a Mary Poppins doll, but I don't really like her, she was an impulse buy that I don't really care for. I do like this doll's look however, but don't really have a use for her. She might just end up kicking around here for a while before I decide to do anything with her. I will say that her clothes do fit Barbie, I just need to modify the jacket a little bit as it's too big.

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