Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Christmas Haul, Day of the First!

Now let me start off our first introduction from my Christmas dolls with the first one I decided to get. Since we had such a limited budget it was up to me to make sure I got what I wanted, and keeping it within the confines of my fifty dollars (including shopping). Luckily I knew the first thing I wanted because it was something I saw a while back, and had earmarked for a day when I had the funds. This day ended up being Christmas day, and luckily it was still available.
I know I've mentioned my search for a vintage number two painted hair Ken before in this blog. It's a doll that my mother specifically remembers getting as a child, so it was something very special to her. While I have a number of vintage Kens in the collection, (as of writing this there's five) but none fit the specifications I needed. Two are number ones with flocked hair, two are blond painted hair, and one is a brunette, but he's missing his thumbs, among other issues. I've wanted to get one for a stand in for the one she had. Unfortunitly fate deemed it a difficult thing for me to find. But someone posted one in decent shape on the Doll Show and Sell page a while back, and I quickly put it in my favorites. He had his own share of problems, but he would come to me for the bargain price of ten dollars. Plus he had thumbs! Always a good thing. Here's the seller's picture that was the only thing I saw when I bought him.
As you can see, he came nude, which wasn't a problem. Around here I could count the number of the vintage dolls that came here with any clothes on one hand. I'm fine with that, it would just be a little embarrassing to unwrap three naked dolls in front of my sister and her boyfriend, I do have my limits. So before Christmas I gave my Mom some clothes to dress the dolls in. I gave her a pair of Ken pants, and two sundresses. I didn't care about Ken being shirtless, but apparently she did. When I opened the present, what did I see? Ken wearing both the pants, and one of the Sundresses. What I had forgotten was that one of the other dolls came with a dress, leaving my Mother with a spare dress, so she decided to dress Ken in it. It made me laugh so hard I almost cried. I was just not expecting it, like at all. Ken was the first one that I opened, after all the little shoes that is, so it was a total surprise. After seeing him in person I was able to really look over his issues. They're not that much; he has darkned face and arms, his toes look like they've been nibbled, some staining on his legs, and he has the sticky face syndrome. But that's not a lot of issues, with some creative redressing you'll never even know.
He's not going to stay in the dress, although if I did leave him in it, it would serve my mother right. Right now out of the dolls that I got yesterday, he's the one that I have the clearest idea for redressing. Although, it's not really my idea, it's more my Mom's. She remembers how she had her Ken dressed like, so I'm going to try and recreate that. It's certianly not going to be an exact match, but I'm aiming for something close enough. What the outfit she remembers for her Ken are, a pair of jeans, a short sleeve red checked shirt, and a pair of brown Ken shoes with white tops. Unfortunately she's going to have to wait on the shoes. I have a pair of black ones like that, but someone else is wearing them now. I just cannot swipe them from them in good faith. But I can certainly make a pair of jeans, and a shirt like that. All I need is the correct material. I've made both of those clothing items before with decent results. Now, I already have some jean material, but I'm not sure if it's the correct color. I know I don't have the right red check, or for that matter, any red check material. I was planning on dragging my mother into Hobby Lobby and having her pick out the fabric. I already did some scouting there, and they do have some red check material, I just need to find out what's the closest to what she remembers. I also have to find some tiny buttons for it. Does Hobby Lobby sell them? Like in the scrap book section? I think I've heard they sell little buttons there, but I could be wrong. Either way, he's still going to have to wait on the shoes. Eventually I will get him a pair, it all depends on when I find a pair, and how much they are. At least it's on the list.
Right now he's just relaxing over here in those jeans I gave him at Christmas. Before he arrived I decided he was going to live over on the vintage runoff shelf. There was a minor shake for the new arrivals, but it wasn't that bad. He's now the mirror counterpart to the other brunette painted hair Ken. I have yet to give him his "welcome bath", but I did rinse his face off with rubbing alcohol, to help get his face less sticky. It also helps clean them, and let me tell you, he was filthy! Like the q-tip came off black. So he's slated for his bath pretty soon, I just need a moment to get around to it.
And I think that's about it, that's my new Ken. Hopefully I'll get the needed fabric soon, and I'll be able to get to work. It's winter, the poor man needs some clothes!


  1. Hobby Lobby has tiny buttons in the sewing section sometimes and in the hobby section they have those brads with the arm that fold out when you put it through holes and paper and on top instead of a little metal dome it's a button. They have varying sizes and colors. But the metal arms off and you could use them. Try also Walmart for tiny buttons.

  2. Ah, my tiny button search begins! Thank you for the info.