Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Christmas Haul, Day of the Last!

Okay, enough of the stalling, it's time to finish this series of posts, especially since there's just one more to go, and it's done, for good (or at least until next Christmas). Even though I do have other stuff to share with you, that's going to have to wait, because I'm getting this one done. I am tired of starting something and never seeing it through on the blog, you all must thing there's just piles of unfinished projects just kicking around here... and you'd be right, but this is not going to be one of them, starting now!
For my final big present from Christmas you have to hop back to Sindy and Ken, there's a connection, even though I didn't get the Bubblecut from the same person as I did them. Originally I was going to spend all my Christmas funds with the same person. It's how you get the best bang for your shipping buck. They had a couple of nude Suzie dolls for thirty each. I have an odd relationship with Suzie. I don't really like her, but I still want one. I think I like the idea of her, but not her face. It looks kind of *cheap* to me. (No offense to people who like her!) But in my sick desire to have a diversified collection I want one. So I was looking though the couple he had, trying to make up my mind which one I wanted (they were the same price) when I realized something, if it's taken me this long to decide on either one of them... I don't really want either of them. (A very big breakthrough on my part.) What's the point wasting my money to save on shipping? So I decided to put getting a Suzie off for another day (if that day ever comes), and tried to figure out what to do with the thirty bucks I now had free. So I was off to to see if there were any bargains to be had, I'd really like to fill out more of my Malibu collection. I'm still missing most of the beyond Barbie and Ken; P.J. Francie, Christie, and Skipper are all MIA. Unfortunately there was nothing decent for my price range, some people want a lot for them (and I can't swing that, not now not ever, come on it's Malibu, not a ponytail!). I also browsed the show and sell page, that's where I struck gold. Nothing about the Malibu gang, but that's fine, they can wait (They've been waiting ever since 1976). That's where I found a vintage bubblecut for 18 dollars. Now that would have been fine but she also came with a bunch of mommy made clothing as well as a bunch of junk shoes. Icing on the cake (Yum!). You should know I have a love/hate relationship with mommy made clothes. A lot of them don't really fit that well and aren't made that well, but they do offer such a variety of fabrics and options. It's really panning for gold with them. You didn't have think twice that I e-mailed the woman asking to buy the lot, I wanted it, especially for such a great price. Luckily she was still available, and for 22 dollars (that's with shipping) she was all mine. (Score!)
Now for that price she did come with some issues (They always do). She has a yellow face, as well some missing face paint, and some faint marks on her back where her owner wrote their name (which I think is totally cool). But for that price I've over looked worse, it's really not that bad. She arrived super fast, but then I had to wait until Christmas, which was killer. When she arrived my Mom dressed her in a sundress that I had given her. (White with red dots that Sindy is currently wearing) These are where all those little shoes that I had to unwrap came from that I mentioned in earlier posts. Thanks Mom. Most of the shoes are pretty cheap and won't work for the collection, but I am keeping the black (mismatched) pair for her. The rest of the pairs went into the "pairs, but never planning on even using" bag. Most of the clothes are probably going to be stored out of the main collection, but with some minor tweaks some might stay. Look forward to those on a certain Friday you all enjoy. After she got here it was time for her bath and face wash with rubbing alcohol. For some odd reason her face paint started to come off with the alcohol! I've never had that happen before. Luckily it wasn't that extreme, she just lost a bit of eyebrow. I'll have to be more careful from now on.
I also examined what was written on her back. It's really super faint, but I was able to make out what it says. I thought it was someones name, using their first, middle, and last. It turns out it says "Linda + Lisa", so I assume this doll was shared by a pair of sisters. For the last name I think it says "Mineo", but I could be wrong because it's the hardest thing to make out. I know it's a legitimate last name, the correct one, maybe not. All I know is if you're Lisa or Linda I've got your brunette Bubblecut and I'm going to love her and give her a good home for the rest of my days. I'm still trying to think of how to dress her, that's still a mystery. After I do, I'll take pictures of her for here, all I have so far are the photos are from the ad I first saw. I do know where she's going to go in the collection however. As I said before that's been planned before they got here. She's over on the vintage runoff shelf, bottom shelf between Edmund and Allen. I do hope they get along!
Any suggestions on how to dress her anyone? And now Christmas is over!


  1. Wow, if I'd ever had to share a doll with my sister, I doubt she would have survived! (The doll, not my sister... er, maybe both, lol!)It's so cool to know a little of her history... and that's a sweet score for $18!

    And that's so funny, I feel the exact same way about Susie! I don't really like her, and think she's looks cheap, but for some reason, I still kind of want one. Weird!

  2. I think her knowing her history makes her even cooler. I mean I know most of my dolls have a history before me, and I don't know anything about it. Besides, this way I get to name her after them.
    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feel that way about Susie. Support group anyone?