Monday, January 10, 2011

My Christmas Haul, Day of the Second!

To find my second doll for Christmas, I really didn't have to look too far. I found her on the same Show and Sell page as the vintage Ken. Since I was already planning on buying it from this person I looked though the rest of their items, seeing what else they had. You never know what else you might find. I found lots of interesting things, most of which weren't right for my collection, but I did manage to find something else that I wanted from them. This has an added benefit because I was able to save on shipping (which came out of my fifty dollar Christmas budget).
Tucked away on the page was a very blurry photo of a vintage Sindy doll. My interest piqued I clicked on it, to read the information about her. It really wasn't that informative, the description stated that she was purchased for a re-root, but they decided to not do that or keep her. She apparently needed some TLC, but I really couldn't see what was that wrong with her. So, I sent the person an e-mail asking them what were her issues and waited for a reply. I didn't get a response so after a few days I messaged them again. What I got in reply was odd to say the least. The person (who was very nice) said that they had purchased the doll, but didn't really bond with it. They didn't give me a description of her issues, saying this; "i hate touching her. she's got that old smell and feel. i could give her a bath, but then i'd want to re-root her and keep her. she has a great body for articulation, i can't recall if any joints didn't work." Weird right? But I did want her, and the Ken, so I ordered her anyway, her flaws unknown. She was only five dollars, so it wasn't a big amount of money to risk.
I had been interested in the older Sindy dolls, but never really put much thought into getting one. They are cute, but once again, they're not Mattel, also their proportions are a little different, Sindy has a big ol' head! Since she's English, I have very little chance of just finding one out and about, and traditionally I spend all my free funds on the Barbie collection, since they are my main collection, but for the price I was more than willing to take the plunge.
It was nice opening her at Christmas, even though I was in the dark for her issues. And they are a multiple. She has a chewed foot, a broken arm (even though her elbow still works), her hips are cracked and splitting, and she has some melting going on at her arm and leg holes. I'm going to have to glue her hips eventually, or else risk them snapping. I really don't know what to do about the melting, although I think that there's nothing I can really do about that. I was thinking about washing the areas with baking powder, to help neutralize the issue? I have no clue. But the biggest shock to me was her hair. It's actually lovely. It's mind blowing that someone could think that she needed to be re-rooted. Sure it looked unruly, but after a bath and a brushing it naturally went into a cute little hairdo. All that's I had to do was curl it a little with my fingers. Imagine what I can do when I'm really going to work on it. It's a little dry on the ends, so I'm thinking about giving her a downy dunk eventually, but that will come in time. I know that's a lot of issues, but it's not all that bad. I'm actually really surprised and impressed over how flexible she is. She has joints in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. I just accidentally stumbled onto the fact that she could move her ankles the other day. While she has a bunch of issues, I think that a decent redress will cover most of them, and she'll make a lovely display (and play!) doll.
Now for dressing her, I've decided that she's going to be Alice (in Wonderland). I know it's cliche, but sometimes you just want to be cliche. When I was waiting for her to come in the mail I saw a Sindy doll in an Alice in Wonderland dress on Flickr, and it was love. I knew that's how I was going to dress mine. That's why I made the pinafore the other day, it was a test run for her. I know now that it's a test run, because her body is certainly different than the vintage doll that I made it on so it doesn't fit. Sindy here's a bit different from any doll that I have, kind of a blend of Francie and vintage Barbie, but more about that when I'm actually sewing for her. I'm going to go with the classic Alice with the blue dress. I still have to get the blue fabric for the dress, which is my stalling point. Once I have that I get to start playing around with patterns to see what I have that fits her. I think she might be able to use the vintage patterns, with some minor tweaks. Shoes are going to be difficult for her. She kind of has Miss Piggy feet. And I mean that in the kindest way, I love Miss Piggy. It's just that her feet are very big at the toes, with a very small heel. Eventually she'll find a pair of shoes, but not right away. (I'm noticing a theme in my Christmas toys.) I will however make her some stockings to cover up her damaged foot. That's just going to have to wait, but at least I have the material for it.
I'm just in love with her face! She's such a pretty doll.

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