Friday, January 28, 2011

A Painful Finish it up Friday

Friday's been a rough day today. Somehow yesterday I did some sort of sprain on my right ankle during the night. Not sure how it happened, but it was only bugging me a little bit. I mean, I was able to do a ton of walking without even remembering that it was sore. Paying the price big time for that today, I've been hobbling around today, I'm still able to walk wherever I need to go, it's just painful, and stairs are killer.

I did do some work with "Finish it up Friday", but I only managed to complete four things before I stopped. In my defense however I did throw two other things out, and pull out something that was actually finished, and just in the box for no real purpose beyond I wasn't happy with it. So technically seven things left the box today, so that's at least something.

First up I worked on these pants. They are black calico that I made recently for the Bubblecut Barbie I got at Christmas. It was one of those projects that looks good in your head and on paper, but when you actually sew, it doesn't look so hot. Also with these I added a waist strap, which threw the fit off in the back, total gap-itis going on back there. I actually couldn't even get it to close in the back, so I threw it into the box. Today I took it out reinforced the seams, and hemmed it up the back. It's actually too tight for the vintage dolls. When I went to add a snap to the back I found out that I didn't have any dolls with a slim enough waist for it. I ended up having to use a hook and eye in order to make it even close enough to fit on Momoko. And you really have to force it to close. There's also so big gap in the backside, although you can close it with a safety pin. Not sure if I'll ever use these high waisted pants on Momoko, but at least they're done. I just need to colorfast them so they don't ever stain if I ever do use them.

Next we have another pair of pants, again for the Momoko's, but this one was originally made for them. I made these out of light green broadcloth, out of the Skipper pants pattern. What I got was a very low pair of hip huggers. I went on to adapt the pattern, but was still left with a pair of pants that were low, but still usable. I think I have about three pairs of Momoko pants in this color. Today I went and reinforce the seams and added a snap. I think that's the last of those type of pants in the box, and I'm glad for that. When will I ever need three pairs of lime green pants?

After that I moved on to this neckerchief. I made it last week to test out a pattern. I didn't like how it turned out, so I scrapped it, and made another one. But this one was almost done when I tossed it into the box. Today I pulled it out and just finished the seam in the back. I tried to practice invisible seams, but I clearly need more practice.

After that was a mending job. I have all these little pillow things from my Grandmother. She used to make them, and then sew them all together to make blankets. Don't have any blankets, but certainly have enough of the little pillows. I use them for Barbie pillows. This one had a tear in the corner pocket, so I tried to mend it. It certainly looks amateurish, but it keeps the tear from getting worse.

And after that is where I petered out on finish it up Friday, but in a greater note I was able to sew something new! Nothing to extreme, just another "Juban" (under kimono). I was thinking that I already have two kimonos, I might as well make another set of underclothes so I can use both of them at the same time. I mean the actual kimono is the hard part. Also I've decided that I want to have the Christmas Bubblecut wear a kimono, so I'm going to need a second set for her anyway. So I just made it, I didn't finish it just yet, so that's why there's no picture, but it looks just like the other one in case you're interested.
A busy day made even busier by a busted ankle!

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