Thursday, January 6, 2011

Presents for meeeeeeeeeeeeee? I looooooove presents!

When reading the title to yourself, please read it as Miss Piggy, because it sounds the best that way.
Day two without Charlotte went pretty smoothly, that is until about lunchtime. That's when the postwoman left a package on the porch for me. What a package for me? I wasn't expecting anything. That's weird, but oh so appreciated! I just love presents.
It turns out the package was from Joanne, the moderator at "In the Pink". She had e-mailed me earlier in the week saying that she had sent out a Christmas card to me, and it had gotten returned to her. Not surprising, since I'm no longer at that address, but I didn't even think of updating her. She said she was going to send me a new one, and apologized since it was going to be late. (Like she needed to? I was touched that she even thought of me to send me a card period, even if it showed up in July.) I told her that it was no problem, especially since my family and I hadn't celebrated Christmas yet, so I was still in the Holiday mood. I eagerly awaited my card so I could add it to the ones I've already received and have on display on the doll's bookshelf. I'll take them down on Sunday.
Surprisingly, in addition the the card she sent me a bunch of stuff. Eagerly I tore into the box. Inside the box I found; the original card, a new one that she added, a brand new boxed Barbie, a Barbie type workout outfit, and a post it list pad. There was also a wrapped present for me. I was too excited to wait to open it (although I told her I waited) and I tore into it. Inside was a brand new Barbie clothing pack, a Target exclusive apparently. And that's when the trouble began, I went to grab a doll to try on all the new clothes, and remembered that my go to gal was gone. Right... shoot. I had a hard time deciding on a doll to try on the new clothes, and I really wanted to play with them. I ended up picking Ashely to play with. While she's super fun, I hate having to undress her since her outfit is so complicated, plus her "personality" doesn't really work with these clothes. But she was the best I had for the time being, since she's on the bb body, which oddly enough I only have nine dolls that use that body. Ten if you count Charlotte. About the clothes, let me say Wow! Some of these are really super cute. I doubt that I'll use them together, but I can see some possibility for some of these in different outfits. I especially like the military inspired jean jacket. I might have to design an outfit for that. While I really like the outfits, I love, love, love the shoes. Usually I'm not a fan of fancy shoes, but lately I've been really warming up to them. Maybe my style's evolving? I don't know, all I know is that I really like the heels that came with these, but I love these boots. They totally fit my Lady Gaga ascetic of late. But the great thing is that they can be dressed more casually for a regular look. Maybe I'm beginning to understand how high fashion works, now when I see a hot mess on a runway I'm more willing to see the items for themselves, compared to just a jumble of clothing thrown at the model. Still wish they didn't do that though. Either way I adore these shoes and cannot wait to design something for them, they are certainly going to rock.
With that said, they're going to have to wait, because there's projects that need to come before them. Because back when I was thinking that I was only getting a card from Joanne I decided I was going to send her something in return. I've realized that I should be better about returning people's kindness, and Joanne's always been remarkably kind to me, as well as to all the other people in the group. Other people have been kind to me too, but she's at the top of the list. I decided that I was going to send her some doll necklaces that I was going to make. About 3, maybe 4 if I can find a design that I liked enough to send her. I mean, everyone can always use more doll jewelry, right? I know I always want more, even though for the most part is sits in a bag in a drawer. I like the options they give. After her grand gesture of kindness, I felt that I needed to do something more, although it's a little tricky. I don't want to just resend her something I had lying around, that's tacky and rude. So I decided to sew something for her. Which is daunting because I want it to be perfect, and my clothing rarely, if ever is. Looking back at my sewing arsenal I decided that I was going to make her a sheath dress, two actually. I came to this idea because; I have lots of practice with them, they're pretty timeless, and they don't take up lots of space. So if she doesn't like them she can just stick them somewhere and forget about them, or even give them away. I decided to make one in red, and one in the white with blue pattern fabric that I used to make Stacey's dress, although you've seen the red before, it was used in Charlotte's Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Today I anguished over the red dress, I really wanted it perfect. I did it from start to finish today, even getting it color fasted. Looking at it now, it's not perfect, but as close to it as I'll be able to get it. I don't add the pockets like the real ones because I don't know how to do that. Also I'm not going to add any issues when I still have problems with the regular construction of the outfit. I'm glad I got it done today since I'm going to be busy tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday with "Christmas", and this way I at least know I've started this project. I'm afraid that I'll keep stalling until it's been too long to send it. It's happened before.
I just hope she likes it!
*Two* Days Until Christmas!

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  1. Ha that new boxed blond barbie you got from her is the same one i got for christmas too isn't that awesome i am sorry i did not comment on an earlier post but i was so intrested in reading all your great posts there just fantastic so i knew i finally had to comment on one