Friday, January 7, 2011

Shopping on Christmas Eve, always a nightmare...

Even when it's been a couple of weeks since the actual Christmas Eve. You see, we have a winter weather advisory in town (wintery mix), so I think people are preparing for it. Either way it was very busy today at certain places today, mainly the grocery store. It's sort of funny to me because I grew up in Connecticut, so what's considered poor weather conditions down here really doesn't seem like all that much to me. Up north we just call it "Weather from November to March". I guess it's all about perceptions. All I know I didn't want to deal with it, the people or the weather, but I was already in a foul mood. I've been having trouble with the second sheath dress for Joanne, but more about that later. Luckily after the grocery store the crowds managed to lull at other stores. I was able to get the remaining presents that were on the list. Right now I think we're finally done with all the shopping that was needed. Yay! We got presents for everyone today, even me. I even managed to get a few for my Dad even though he went with me. Luckily the cat toys my sister wanted looks a lot like the dog toy I got for him! As of writing this, I've already got everything wrapped, although I did ask my Mom to wrap some things. Luckily she accepted. This was kind of two fold, it gave me less to wrap, but it also made my presents (that she's wrapping) not be so noticeable. Because as of right now the only thing I haven't wrapped have been my presents (I refused to wrap my own presents!). When they are eventually done, they are going to look so glaring in the pile of presents that I have wrapped. It'll be no shock when I can quickly and easily identify what I have and where it is. I want some mystery, even though I know exactly what I'm getting. But I'm sure I'm just nitpicking, come tomorrow at this time I'll have my presents in hand, and all this will be all behind us. I'm excited already!
Now onto my fit issues with the sheath dress (Sigh). Ugh, it was coming along so well... then not. And then a dark cloud descended upon North Carolina and rain began to fall. But not even a cleansing rain cannot get rid of the stench of failure that clings to me. The really worst part is that I'm really close to finishing it when the fit issue flared up (Typical, right?). The issues are in the bodice, it's rippling. Also there's some gaping in the back, more than with the red one. Like I said I figured this out when I was going to add the snaps to the back, after that all I needed to do was add the straps. I cannot believe this setback, honestly I'm going to play around with it, and if I can't get it to work, I may just end up making another one. Luckily I'm already ahead of schedule so this little "learning experience" isn't too killer. I just wish I'd stop having to learn the same lesson, or at least learn how to stop it. Either or, I'm not picky. No pictures today because there's no need to pull the camera out for a half finished dress.
*One* day until Christmas!
Is it weird I want to put out milk and cookies? I know if I did the cats would just eat/drink them.