Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Well it's official, Charlotte's out of my hands. As of today around 1pm she was in the hands of the United States post office. It's quite an odd feeling, very surreal. I mean it really hasn't sunk in that she's gone really. Looking over at the bookshelf and seeing her empty space is pretty definite, although really very rarely is she over there. Usually I have her wherever I was working last so she has very little face time over at the bookshelf unlike some dolls that rarely venture beyond it. Right now she's off to Pennsylvania, estimated to arrive on 6th. I'm praying that she arrives there safely, fingers crossed people.
Back to the dolls who are still at home. The other day I finally forced myself to dust the Silkstone shelf on the bookshelf. It's the very top of the bookshelf, so it's a pain, and I rarely drag myself to do it. Unfortunately I'm short, so I have to drag over and chair and stand on it to clean it. I cannot believe how dusty everyone got! But that's nothing new, I'm always shocked how quickly dust manages to gather. If I ever manage to get a space that's more than one room, I'm going to have to make a dusting schedule. I can't keep on top of it here, and this is only one room! But yesterday I managed to get everyone down, dust them, as well as their shelf. I also tried to give each of them their own pose. With my Silkstone collection 90 percent of them share the same body so it's difficult to pose them so it doesn't look like everyone's the same. It's weird though since everyone on the vintage shelf has the same body but it's not a big deal to me. I'm glad the shelf is finally dusted though. It's the one that gets ignored the most because it's such a hassle to do it. When I was dusting it, I kept dropping shoes and accessories, so I'd have to hop down and pick it up, then hop back up. But it's done with thankfully.
I also got to do some Christmas shopping, yay! The day is getting closer and it seems like things are starting to shape up, but it's still not done yet, but that's nothing new. Honestly I can't think of a time when Christmas (or any Holiday) was done before the actual day. Today we got two pairs of socks for my sister, an ornament for my sister, and a book for my mother. I also got for my brother one of those calenders that are made up of those reed calender things. It came from some Chinese restaurant, but found it's way into the Salvation Army. He likes them, so I got it for him. Once again I got everything wrapped and placed downstairs. Still no presents for me there, Grrr. But maybe that's for the best. I mean if they're over there, I'll just obsess about them and how I don't have them in my hands. Now I can just obsess over why they're not out there yet. Plus it'll be like magic when they "appear" later.
But enough about that, there's still plenty to do tomorrow. I guess it's good that I'm so busy, I won't have time to stress over Charlotte being gone.
*Four* days until Christmas


  1. I'm sorry you are missing Charlotte, but I have a feeling you will be so glad you sent her off when she is returned to you. I can't wait to see her new look. Do you already know what she will look like or did you give full creative freedom?

    And you are getting me excited about your Christmas. LOL! My mom just took the tree down today and moved her dollhouse back into the corner. I still am getting some christmas money so I guess the holiday isn't completely over with yet for me. Deciding what I want to spend the money on. Not sure yet. I might want to get some Obitsus or a small bjd. Time will tell. :-)

  2. I gave him a list of what I wanted, basically something similar to the original Superstar face design, but I told him that it wasn't set in stone, that my main concern was that she needed to be versatile, and be able to pull off casual and dressy.
    Yeah, I'm still totally in the Christmas mood, since I'm still building up to it. After the 8th I'll be all Christmassed out and have to force myself to take down all the decorations. Spending the money you get is one of the best parts, now that's Christmas continued. I hope you share with us what you get!