Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Sewing on a Saturday for Success

I didn't get a lot done today, my motivation was lacking from the moment I woke up. Not really sure why, but my ankle was certainly not helping. This morning I was in severe pain walking, and don't get me started on stairs. Thankfully, it eased as the day progressed, so I was able to walk better as it went on. By the evening it was just a dull ache when I was walking on it. Hopefully it will go away soon and I won't even have to deal with it again.
I did however manage to finish the juban that I made yesterday. It really doesn't take that much to finish, just snipping long threads and reinforcing seams in four places. The Bubblecut that is going to get a kimono eventually has been wearing it ever since I finished it, so I guess I like it on her. Although, she's going to have to wait to get her actual kimono. I'm having trouble deciding what fabric to make it out of. I've decided two things; that I want it to be red, and I don't have any fabric on hand that works. I've also decided that Hobby Lobby doesn't have anything that I want either. I spent a good chunk of today just shopping online at fabric stores to see what my options are, even if it's just window shopping. But I really didn't find anything I wanted, so not really at the point to buy anything is a mute point. I saw many things that I thought would make good kimonos, but nothing that I really wanted for this project, and I also didn't find anything that would work for a men's kimono either, so Joe is going to have to wait on his too.
But I'm still working on her kimono project, even though I don't have the kimono itself ready. I also avoided making another petticoat today, even if it's super easy. I'm sure it will get made eventually. Instead I worked on shoes. Not making any (I don't do that), but buying some, or at least buying one. I've decided that Charlotte's going to be stuck going shoeless with the kimono, but that's not a big deal since she's going to probably change clothing soon anyway (she's fickle like that), the Bubblecut on the other hand is going to be wearing the same outfit for a long time (until I get sick of it, and who knows when that will be), and I don't have any shoes that work for it. Which is a conundrum. I did however have a vintage mule sandal that I got a while back in a random lot of stuff. It's a sandal that I think would work well for a kimono, especially when you think about what other (lackluster) options I have. It's just that I only had one, and Barbie can't be Cinderella, always leaving her shoe at the ball. So I turned to the internet to help me locate another one. Which so far has proves fruitless. I didn't think it would be so hard to find a solo shoe that needed it's match out there, but all I managed to find were pairs. And pairs were expensive, or at least more expensive than I could afford, plus I didn't want to buy two, I need only one to make a pair. I don't need three shoes. I almost gave up on my search when I found a pair of them on E-bay, cheap. They were cork (mine is plastic), and came from the UK, but even with shipping they would be cheaper than most of what I found in the US, if I win that is (without someone bidding against me and raising the price). I'm not going to share the link just yet, but I've been watching it pretty closely all day, and I'm still the high bidder, but there's still 17 hours and 12 minutes to go. (Finger's crossed for me people) If I do manage to win, this still leaves me with a solo shoe without a match. I did however stumble upon a website that does have a solo match to my shoe! Also someone over on "In the Pink" said they might have a match as well, so if the E-bay auction falls though I still have options. I might even buy the second shoe even if I get the other pair, just to get a match to the one that I have. Having another set if vintage Barbie shoes would be stellar too, even if they're so specific as the Barbie mules are. That just means I'd just have to design an outfit for someone around it, but I definitely think that's an option. I just wonder who would get a new outfit? But I need to get one pair of shoes before I start deciding what to do with the second one. Don't count your eggs before they hatch.
I also did some work with ribbon flowers. I've decided that the Bubblecut needs some decoration for her hair, but for the life of me I can't get anything to work. I think ribbon flowers are just beyond my grasp, especially in that small scale. I mangled a bunch of ribbons just trying to make something, but have nothing to show for it. I'm thinking I may have to just buy something at Hobby Lobby for her hair. Unless I have a major mental breakthrough on ribbon flowers. Next time I'm in there I'll have to look though the jewelry section to see what they're offering. Unless someone has a suggestion, I'm always open for suggestions people.
After that I was just so bored. I wanted to sew something but I couldn't think of anything. Right now I'm stuck with all three dolls that I got for Christmas. I need supplies for each of their projects, which is an annoying place to be stuck. So I decided to look though the patterns that I had on my computer to see if I could find something that I wanted. And in good news I did! I realized something about Joe. The reason I was so dreading to adapt a pattern from a Ken one for him was because I had to tweak so much of it. If I was using a more modern pattern for a bigger modern Ken, I wouldn't have to change it so much. Duh! It's things like these that makes me want to kick myself. So today I tested that theory. I printed out a white collared shirt pattern for modern Ken and sewed it up. It went together easily, although I did mess a part up and had to look over the directions to figure out how it should have gone together. And even without any modifications it fit Joe, although I do plan to make some to make it fit better. This shirt is passable, but I still need to modify the pattern to make it fit better. But all I need to do is make the neck hole bigger, and make the sleeves longer, which at least the sleeves should be easy. I should have realized that such a long time ago, that using a more modern pattern would make the fit better. I also printed out a pants pattern to see how that fits compared to the vintage one, but I didn't sew that today. Right now I haven't bothered to finish the shirt or add any snaps, but I certainly will. The shirt's not going to be for Joe, but I'm sure someone else in the collection can use it, I mean it's a nice white shirt. I'd have to be a fool to pass that by. Line up guys, who want a new shirt?

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