Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday was busy, busy, busy!

Typewriter Thursday kind of went like it should, but kind of not. I'll start off with the bad news, I did not reach anywhere close to my two page goal, like not even close like at all. But for the good news; I got a lot done with "Meeting room chat"! Actually just before I was getting started to write I had a breakthrough (much like a breakdown), "Princess Rosebud shouldn't be mad in that scene." For some reason I have this odd habit of turning to anger with her character. It's not right for her, never has been, and never will be, and just gets me stuck. So I started rereading her dialogue that I had written not as someone angry, but as someone sad and defeated. And it worked a lot better, or at least some of it worked better than when she was angry. So for the rest of my time working I worked on the dialogue. Right now it's set up like a play, with each line of dialogue written down with the character's name before it. When I get closer to what I want I'll start writing the actions and descriptions around it. I'm also going to have to go and edit their actual words, right now everything is just vague details of what they're going to say, just a stand in really. When I go back and re-edit it, I'll make their speech more "fairytale like". So while I didn't get my goal done I'm still really happy that I made such an impact with this section. Before today I was honestly wondering if I'd ever get that part done. This is really important because after this there's another big section of conversation coming up, that's directly linked to this one. So without this one at least written I really couldn't get the next one done, a real catch 22. Without this one done I'd have to hop ahead again, leaving me with two spots that were just holes. After today I have hope that I can actually get this section stronger. Progress people, progress!
I didn't spend all day typing like I should have. I ended up going grocery shopping around mid-day. It was a traditional trip, but there were a few special stops. I managed to hit up a few antique stores here in town. Asheboro has a really cute downtown area, which includes a few antiques stores. I haven't been in a while, so it was nice to stop in and see what's there. The first place that I went to had a basket full of Barbie clothes as well as a bunch of dolls inside it. If I remember correctly it had; Skooter, Allen, Malibu Barbie, Malibu Ken, P.J., Living Skipper, and a Ricky. All of which I had, but I could still use more. But unfortunately it was in a locked case, and I could not read any of the tags from where I was. I really hate that, if I can't look at the tags myself, make them at least visible from the case. I tried to look and see if I could read one, but I could see a tag on one of the bags of clothing. They were asking 65.00 for it! "Book Value" apparently. If they were asking that much for an outfit (that I don't remember seeing shoes for) I didn't even want to know how much they wanted for the dolls. I was hoping that with some of their "issues" they would be cheaper, (Skooter was yellowed, Malibu Barbie's face was discolored, and P.J's hair was cut) I'm sure the prices didn't reflect any of the damage. So I kept on walking. The next place was a bust too, although for some reason they had three upright pianos. Which is weird, don't you think? I also saw a lot of older foot petal sewing machines in places too. Not really sure what to think about that. Some nice ones too (of I only had the money). Next we went to a big antique mall, this one I've had some luck at before, a few notable people in the collection have come from here. (No thumbs Ken, Edmund, and Chatty Cathy.) I knew this place had Barbies (a vintage Barbie seller has a booth here.) and while they are lovely, they are most certainly out of my price range. I also saw someone having the gall to charge 40 dollars for an early 80's Barbie that was ripe with problems. I can't believe some people, mind blowing. I also checked a booth in there that sells doll related stuff. They were having a 1/2 off sale. I could have gotten a Barbie case for 12.50. If only I collected those, I would have gotten one. They were really pretty, just not what I needed. I would like to buy their Charmin' Chatty, she just needs to come down in price. They did have a Baby Chrissy with cut hair for 9 dollars, but once again not what I needed (I must be strong!). So we left there empty handed. After that we went to another second hand store, a new one. And let me tell you, not planning on going back there. Ever go someplace and get a bad vibe? This place was just that, it was oddly set up, overpriced, and creepy. My father and I had the same feeling from that place independent from each other. So we got out of there quick. After that we went to Hobby Lobby. I was in dire need of some snaps, I was down to three (the horror!), and last time I was in Walmart to get some they were out. Hobby Lobby was no better, they had one sheet of the ones I use, but it was missing one of the snaps, I am not paying for a missing snap, that's nuts. I also searched for some new fabric, I'm still having kimono fever from yesterday's success. I was looking for new material for another Barbie one, as well as one for Joe. I think he definitely needs one too. But for the life of me, I couldn't find any fabric that I liked, for either of them. Mind boggling, so I left there empty handed. I did better at Walmart. They had restocked snaps, so I was finally able to get some. I ended up getting two sheets of them, since I know I'll use them. Most of the clothing I make calls for snaps, so they will get used. It's not like fabric where I just "might" end up using it up, and most times it ends up in a drawer for later. I also did end up getting some fabric there. I looked though the fat quarter section looking for fabrics that would work for the kimonos. I didn't find anything that would work for a men's kimono (that might be a long time search thing), but I did find something that would work for a woman's kimono, maybe. I ended up almost putting it back a few times, but in the end I got it.
When I got home I actually started working on it, I guess I'm that excited to make another one. I used the same pattern as I did yesterday, and once again it came out easily. Although I did have an issue with not having enough yellow thread, I wish I had known that I was so low when I was out, I would have picked up another spool. I just had to be careful that I didn't run out mid-kimono. I used it only for places that would show. The bobbin and most of the seams are white. It came out pretty cute, I like how springy it is, because I'm certainly ready for spring to be here. Oh, this one the collar came out much better at the bottom hem, so it can be worn either way, unlike the last one. I showed it to my Mom and she said that I had a good eye for fabrics. She said that is she saw the fabric she wouldn't have assumed it would have worked as a kimono, but when it was all together it worked. I got it finished tonight when I was waiting for a show to be on, a show that I've been waiting for since last spring. Turns out we don't get that channel here. *Humph* I guess I'll have to catch it online, at least the kimono's finished. Looks cute doesn't it?

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