Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Typewriter Tuesday Returns!

Typewriter Tuesday came back with a vengeance today, although I didn't make my usual two pages that I aim for. Although Michelle, I confess I started off aiming for your 2,500 word goal, but that's just too hard for me right now. Maybe at the beginning I could do that, but not now. I was aiming for the two pages, but stopped just short. I got a full page done, as well a paragraph short of the second. I was hoping to get Anton and Rosebud into the meeting room, but I just couldn't. So right now they are stuck just outside of the door. There was some dialogue that I needed to write and edit and I just couldn't think of anything. Usually with these things when I get stuck I walk away and let it swirl in my brain, when I sit down again I can work though it again. But I did spend a great deal of time working on the story today. Lately I've been allowing myself to get distracted and stop working too early, well before my goal. Today I made sure that I worked on it for a while. Although I did take a long break around the middle of the day. I'm thinking that I might need to pick up the pace on writing this, maybe devoting another day where I devote to just writing. I'm thinking Thursday should be another writing day. But we'll see about that come Thursday Morning! ;D


  1. Any bit of writing you get done is a win. :-) I have finally started writing again during my blogging break. I am currently working on an outline for my novel. Figuring out my characters is proving to be hard. Ugh! You should so add another day of writing to your week. I am shooting for a little something every day, but don't hold me to it. You can follow my writing on my writing blog if you want. http://retrotypingal.blogspot.com I have started blogging there again.

  2. I'm following you there now too!
    And yes, any writing it better than no writing. Each little step helps, although I can't do every day right now, that's too draining, but I am seriously thinking about keeping up writing on Thursday as well as Tuesday.