Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Typewriter Tuesday with the usual results...

First off, I finally created a photo to share when I talk about my writing. Since "Typewriter Tuesday" now includes Thursday I didn't made one specifically for it. Instead I made one based off my book, "The Ballad of Submission". I churned it out last night, using some drawings that I had scanned into the computer that I'd adapted before. But this will give you in idea of my characters. On the left is Princess Rosebud, and the right Anton. They're both wearing their ball costumes, although his is really just a vague idea, hers on the other hand I've fully designed. Enough talking about it, here it is:I'm going to be using this whenever I write, until it's finished. When I move on to my next book, I'll have to create a new one. (Let's just see of that happens first.)

For writing today I started off where I left off last Thursday, which proved to be a big mistake. I'm right at a scene that's just full of huge points in the novel. This is where things are beginning to reach the end. The snowball at the top of the mountain so to speak. I spent an hour just modifying dialogue before I realized I wasn't getting anywhere. A section like that I just can't hammer though like other sections, this section is one that I have to really keep chipping away at. So instead of staring at the page for the next couple of hours, I jumped ahead and worked on another section, and that's where I completed my two pages for the day. It's going to be really tricky because from this point on, there's maybe two sections that are anything more than just rough notes. So it's not really editing, it's more like flat out writing. Way back when I was thinking I was close to being done on it, I split up the remaining parts into separate sections and word documents, that way it would be easier to work with compared to looking at a giant word document. Then I named each section, typically after what was going to happen in it. Today I moved from "Meeting room Chat" to "Interlude" stopping just short of "Lead Ogre Confrontation". I think that the start of each writing day I should work on "Meeting room chat" and build on it, and then work on another section, or at least that's the plan come next Thursday!

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