Sunday, January 2, 2011


I took a break from sewing today, and it felt great. I mean, what's the point of forcing myself to make anything when I don't want to? Instead I did some organizing, making a tiny dent in the mess here. I ended up splitting the two bags of Barbie casual clothing into three bags. Is it sad how much clothing Barbie has, yet I keep complaining about how she has nothing to wear? I mean her clothing fills a variety of bags, her shoes are in the hundreds yet I want more. It's a sickness I swear.
Actually I did do a little sewing today, but it was really just a simple mending job. When I was looking though the clothing bags I pulled out one of Charlotte's dresses. I know that usually she shares with everyone but there are a couple things that I think she looks best in, so rarely anyone else dons them. This item is a blue dress, made from the modified turtleneck pattern. Actually it's the same type as the red one Akikio wears, except in blue and with a longer skirt. I made it a while back, all by hand. When it was done I like the look so I made another one for Akikio. I must like them since it's what Akikio's been wearing since, Charlotte also revisits hers from time to time. I also made one in black, but I don't like it as much, it has yet to find a owner. Anyway, I put it on Charlotte and noticed that part of the skirt in the back had come undone, either that or I hadn't sewn it in the first place correctly. So I re-sewed it today. Hopefully this time it's fixed for good. I really don't want to have to make another one of those, like I said it's completely hand sewn, so it takes a long time. I won't lie, if I found another fabric that I wanted to make it in I would, I really do like the look.
I also got some cleaning done downstairs, general organizing for the Holidays on Saturday. Mainly in the living room and dining room. Didn't get anything done in the kitchen yet, and that's the hardest part. Hopefully it'll all come out nice for Saturday. I also managed to get some presents from my parents wrapped. One for my sister, one for her boyfriend, and one for my brother. At this point on the dining room table (our staging area) everyone had a present... everyone but me. *sobs* Just kidding, mine are all in my parents room waiting to be wrapped. So don't think I'm being ignored this Christmas, actually I'm the one person who's getting everything on the day. Right now my sister's thing is waiting to be shipped, her boyfriends thing is waiting to be ordered, and my brother's thing is back ordered. And both things for my parents are simple small things that aren't really that great. I'm sure that everything will turn out alright, I mean it's Christmas.
*Six* more days!

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