Sunday, January 30, 2011

Working Hard on Sunday

Well, let me start off with the bad news, I lost the E-bay auction, literally in the last second. I was sniped by someone, which is so frustrating. So to whoever swiped those shoes from me, I hope you choke on them. It would serve you right for having them in your mouth in the first place. But I've made peace with their loss. Honestly I might be for the best. I don't really need two pairs of Barbie mules. I've been looking over the website that sells the match to the shoe that I have, I've found some other shoes that I would like from them. It's good because it's shoes for Skipper and Ken, two people who are severely neglected footwear. So I can use the funds that I would have spent on those shoes to get someone other than Barbie some shoes. I mean, while I don't have what I want for shoes for her, there's literally has bags and bags of shoes kicking around for her. This was a chance for someone else to get some shoes around here. I just have to wait until something in my Etsy store sells, I want to spend more than I have in my account. (But isn't that always the case?)
Even with my morale low from that loss I still managed to get a bunch of things done today. Far more than usual. I started off making the pants that I printed off the pattern yesterday. I didn't realize until after I had cut them out that they were similar to the kinds that closed in the front, but they closed in the back (does that make sense?), I've never had any luck with those, so I've had to modify the pattern each time I've made them. When I did try to make them like they should, the pants looked really shoddy and weird, so I never made them that way again. But since they were already cut out, I figured I has to at least try them. I'm not sure how, but this time something in my mind clicked about how they should go together and they came out really well. They fit Joe really nicely too, although it's a little tricky figuring out where they should fit. He's got a bit of a narrow waist, with wide hips. Having the pants fit at the waist makes the hips look huge, but putting them on the hips isn't easy because he really doesn't have that good of a place to rest them. At the hips they just shift around a bunch. I ended up just adding a snap at the waist, I can figure out the fit issue at a later date. I even managed to finish these today, added a snap and everything! I also got around to color fasting them.
After I finished the pants, I still wanted to work, so I managed to finish the white collared shirt that I made the other day. First I marked where the snaps would go if Joe was going to wear it, then I tried it on a Ken doll to see how it would work. They basically worked the same, either way that short wasn't going to close at the neck with either doll. So I added snaps so it could fit Joe too. It's a really nice shirt, so I'm sure someone will wear it eventually, I just don't have a doll for it...yet. But it's done!
Next from there I moved back to the kimono project. Since I have two kimonos and only one red ribbon that I use for an obi, it was time to work on making an actual obi. So that's what I did. It's basically just tubes of fabric, and uses techniques I've done before, although I did have some kinks that I need to work on. But I have time to work on the one for the Bubblecut doll. I still have no idea what I'm going to pick for the color for that obi. I'm going to wait until I have the fabric in hand before I make that call. Still no progress on the petticoat yet. Not sure why I'm still stalling on that, it's such a simple project.
But still I didn't start to make one, I actually moved onto another project that's been bugging me for a while. Over on the vintage runoff shelf I have my two number one Kens. One of them is dressed how I like him, the other one... I've never been happy with how he was dressed. I've been putting off redressing him for like, forever, so I figured it was about time to fix that. It helps that I'm stuck in all my other projects, so I wasn't doing anything else. So like with all good project I started off with looking for inspiration. I unfortunately did not find anything that I really wanted to do, but still an idea popped into my head. When I talked it over with someone, they said it sounded more like a 70's leisure suit. Grrr, well I'll show them, so I got to work. I started off with the shirt. I used a red and white striped calico that I bought a few weeks back. I bought it for a different project that didn't turn out so hot. But I could still use it for this project! I modified the jersey knit t-shirt pattern for this, so I can now say I've made another type of clothing from that pattern. (I never mentioned this, but roughly 1/3 of the collection is wearing some type of variation of that pattern.) This is just a simple shirt, I have yet to finish it, since I'm not sure how I want to collar to be yet. Not sure how well it's going to close in the back, so I might end up tweaking the pattern and making another one. We will cross that bridge when we get there.
After I did a that quick start I changed my attention over to the pants. Looking though my stash I found some light blue linen type fabric, which I thought was just perfect. I used the vintage Ken pants pattern for them. I was able to make them close in the front since I had figured that out earlier in the day. I also did the side seams, which usually when I do them I end up with pants that are too tight. I took great care in making sure I didn't take too much in on each sides. Other than that they came out pretty easily. although there was an issue with one of the legs. I didn't get the fabric to line up properly so one side was too narrow and began to fray. So I had to sew it in deeper, making one leg skinnier. I also had to make the other leg narrower too, or else it would look too wide. I might end up making these pants again, but I still like how they look, so I may not. I even got around to finishing these. Added the snap and everything. I'm really making a dent in these new snaps, I hope they last a while.
That's all for today! (Don't you think that's enough???)

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