Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yes, I know today was supposed to be the final posting of what I got for Christmas, but that was actually going to be preempted over the triumphant return of Typewriter Tuesday, but alas that also got preempted.... by crappy weather Tuesdays.
Down here in North Carolina even the thought of poor weather causes the entire state to shut down, because they are not equipt to handle this type of weather. I mean a snowflake falls and they close the schools. This time it's a good thing because it's been snowing, and even worse, everything's been covered in ice. For the most part most places have closed for the storm, most places except where my father works at. For some reason they pride themselves on staying open on even the worst of weather. Which is flat out dumb. I'm not going to lie, the roads here are terrible, and the people here don't know how to drive in this type of roads. Having their workers working in this weather is downright negligible. In Connecticut this weather would have been handled much better, down here our road hasn't even been plowed, or even salted or sanded. Literally nothing has been done to deal with this.
My day started off normally. After waking up I rolled downstairs for breakfast, and letting the dog out. My dad normally does that when he gets home, but sometimes he just wants to get to bed, so I do it. I didn't think anything was weird until my Mom came out of her room dressed to go outside. Why would she go out in this weather? Turns out my father was stuck down the road. His truck could not get up a hill a bit down from our house, and he couldn't back up because he was at the bottom of another hill. So her, my brother, and I got into the car and drove down to help him. We also took along three shovels and a bag of Kitty litter. We traveled slowly because of the roads, but we found him shortly. So my brother and I got out of the car to help him. My Mom tried to turn around in the road, which is where she got stuck. She was literally stuck across the middle of the road. At the bottom of two hills. Luckily nobody came along or else they might have hit her. So we all quickly rushed over to help her get unstuck. When that happened she went up the road to a different road to wait and see what we could do. My father backed the truck down the hill and parked it. Then we went and scrapped the ice off a 10 foot patch on the road where the truck had stalled before. When that was done we sent Mom home, there wasn't anything she could do, and having another vehicle out there was more liability. Going up the hill was treacherous, and even with rear wheel drive we'd seen many people swerve at the top of the hill. Luckily my Mother is an expert in snow driving so she was able to make it, but just barely.
With her heading home, my Dad took a chance at getting the truck up the hill. Sending my brother and I away in case it slid back, he tried to get up the hill. No dice, so one again we were stuck at the midpoint of the hill. And that's when gawker number one showed up. This man on an ATV drove up behind us. My brother and I were on the other side of the road, waiting to come help our father. He sat there on his vehicle just asking about what happened. Not offering to help (not that he could) but certainly slowing down the process in general. I would rather he just kept on going compared to just talking. He was an idiot for being out in the weather for fun, and him wasting my time certainly didn't raise my opinion of him. Then he finally left and my dad tried to back down the mountain. This time however the truck began to slide down the side of the road and into a ditch at the side of the road. If my Dad took his foot off the brakes it would just go into the ditch. With our options exhausted my Dad was forced to call our mother to get a tow truck out there.
He sent us up the hill to wait by the side of the road for the tow truck. We were waiting for over an hour for the stupid thing to show. And that's where we met gawker number two. Although I will say he was very nice. My brother and I were perched at the edge of his property waiting for the tow truck. He came out to get his newspaper and saw us. We explained what was happening and he came over to us. We ended up chatting for a while while we were waiting for the tow truck. He was very nice, and offered to let us come into his house for some hot chocolate and to warm up if we needed. We politely declined his offer. Like I said he was very nice, I just wished I didn't have to make small talk at a time like that, it's rather stressful, also pretty darn cold. While he was still there, the tow truck arrived (finally). The truck was about the same size of the truck my father was in. Also it didn't have chains on the tires, it was basically had the same amount of control on the road that the rest of the cars did. Not that impressive. But they were able to pull him out of the ditch and onto the road. But that's all they did. They didn't tow him home, they just left him by the side of the road. And all that cost 100 bucks! Can you believe that? The only way they should be allowed to charge that is if they let you keep the truck. Also they were incredibly rude for I don't know... asking them to do their jobs??? Jerks.
After they left gawker three came along. He was in a truck that parked on top of the hill near my brother and I. Getting out of the car he started asking questions about what was going on to my brother and I. Once again slowing our progress. He made a comment about wishing our Dad would go so he could go down the hill. I wish that too buddy, but if he could go up the hill we wouldn't be standing there. So after waiting for him to do something other than get the local gossip we left to go down the hill and help my father. Down there my father told us we could walk home. He wasn't able to risk going up the hill again, so he was going to wait for the ice to melt more before he tried it again. So my brother and I grabbed the shovels and headed home. It was a bit slick, but we were able to get home and away from the cold outdoors. It was now 12:30, so I started lunch. My dad stayed with the truck until some time after 1. He still couldn't get up the hill, so he had to leave the truck there and have my mom come get him. When he got here he just went to bed. All this trouble came after working for 12 hours last night. And he's got to work again tonight. He called his job to tell him he might not be in, and they told him, "Whatever hours you can do would be appreciated." Jerks, he's in this mess because you wouldn't cancel work in the first place. I mean the state doesn't declare a state of emergency because they think the companies will have the common sense to close with this type of situation, but nope, some of them don't.
So right now the truck is still out there. I've been a little more than stressed over this whole ordeal so I really didn't do anything today. I ended up stumbling upon a website that had a bunch of older Barbie patterns, so I spent the day looking and dreaming over them. My dad went to work today after getting a few hours of sleep. He took the car, I really hope they appreciate them, he's much too much a decent employee for them. Jerks.


  1. Ok that so sucks. I know of some stores here in town that wanted their employees to come in. It was crazy. My sister's college wouldn't say if they were canceling classes so my dad drove her down there and there were a lot of people already there and people getting off city buses and at 8 o'clock the school texts everyone letting them know school was canceled. Everyone was slipping and sliding in cars trying to get out of there, people trying to get back onto the city buses, people blocking traffic, it was a mess. And when you tried to call the school no one picked up. So we couldn't find out if school was canceled or not. Ugh!!! I think it was so irresponsible of them when they know we are getting bad weather and they know the streets will be bad. I mean we're southern down here, we don't have use for snow prep here. Not for only 1-2 times a year. So why not just close for those few days? I don't get it. I'm just thankful my dad knew how to drive in snow from being a retired truck driver. Glad your dad is ok and I hope he was able to get his truck today.

  2. It's nuts and very dangerous. In times like these it should be the most important people who are needed at work. My school up in Connecticut did that once too, it's stupid. Anyone can see that it's not safe to be out. In Tuesday my Mom decided that even if my brother's school wasn't canceled he wasn't going in.
    And yes, we were able to get the truck the next day, and luckily it was fine, no issues or anything. But it was still something I wish we could have avoided.