Friday, January 14, 2011

You've got pretty hair...

Well, I was right, I am sore today. I have issues with my back, abs, shoulders, and hands. Although for the most part the only ones that are flaring up are my shoulders and hands. The other ones I can suffer though. Hopefully tomorrow they'll only be a dull ache, but I know better. I'm sure that these are going to take some time to relax since I can't isolate the muscle and let it rest, I think that sometime next week they'll go away, but I can still be hopeful, right?
Even with my aching body I did manage to get something done, and something on the doll front no less. Since I've been feeling so burned out from sewing I decided to take a break from it. And since I'm not sewing there's always another project that I can work on... re-roots. I know I've said this before, but feel I should say it again. I hate doing them, but I love the results, and when I do feel like doing them, I do a bunch at a time, then stop and take a long break from it. The last time I wanted to do this was last January/February. In that stretch of time I re-rooted; two skippers, a Francie, a Moving Barbie head, Charlotte, and part of another Superstar faced doll. My enthusiasm died with the Superstar doll, so she got stuck in the drawer for about a year before I dusted her off. The good thing about re-roots are they are very mindless work. Once you get into a rhythm you can just tune out and work, work, work. It's really good when you have an audio book to listen to, that helps to keep you somewhat entertained. I didn't have one handy, so I just listened to music.
So for a few hours today I sat down and worked, I literally plugged away at it until lunchtime. Originally I had down the two outer rows on the head. So I was working on filling in the inner holes of the head. I broke for lunch, and came back to it when I was done. A few hours after then my leg started cramping, and my fingers starting getting sore. Last year when I was going through this phase I actually put a tiny split in my finger doing this, so there's risks. Also I was getting a bit stir crazy from the repetition. It happens when you're not really loving the project you're doing. I have a nasty track record of starting these superstar face mold re-roots and not finishing them. Out of the three I've started, Charlotte is the only one I've ever finished. But I'm trying to fix that, hopefully I'll get this one completed, what happens to her afterward, I'm not really sure, all I know is that her hair will be done. The Superstar face mold is a tricky one, it's my favorite one from childhood, but after the initial love for it is gone, I quickly tire of it. I think it's appealing because Charlotte has that face, but none of these other dolls have that "thing" like Charlotte and I have. So far in the collection Ashley and Peaches and Cream Barbie have that face mold, and Peaches and Cream is here by the skin of her teeth. Someone else comes along and she's closet bound. But still I try and bond.
When my leg kept bugging me, I stopped doing it. But I still felt like doing something, just not that, so I did a sewing project. I know, I was just complaining about not having anything to do. But after "playing" with a doll head for a few hours I wanted to touch a full doll. One that I didn't have to keep working on, and still feeling like I didn't get anywhere. So I worked on a project that I have both and idea and the materials for, a rarity in these parts. Right now out of my three Christmas dolls I only have ideas for two of them, the Bubblecut I still have no clue how to dress her. Ken I still need material, but I have the idea. Sindy on the other hand I have an idea, and some of the correct fabric. I don't have the correct blue for her dress, but I have the material to make her pinafore. The original one I made sort of works, but her proportions are different enough from vintage Barbie that it's not a perfect match. It came out okay, still working out the kinks in the pattern. I had to take it all apart halfway though, but I was able to salvage it. There's still some fit issues with it, but I think I'm going to wait until I have and idea of the blue dress that will be under it before I begin to worry about it. It certainly works for now. I also made her a black headband, although this was just sewing a snap to some black ribbon. I did colorfast this one since it's the same ribbon that stained Charlotte. I'm toying with putting a bow on it, what does everyone think? I'm still on the fence.
With that done, I thought about what else to do, when I couldn't think of anything else to sew, I went back to re-rooting, getting some more plugs filled before bed. A few more days of this and I should be finished. Although I'm going to have to start doing the part line soon, I hate the part line, hands down the worst part of the re-root.

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