Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A bit of a mental break today, as well as some shopping therapy

Yes, I know today should be another Typewriter Tuesday, but I just needed a break. I've been doing a lot of creative stuff lately, and I just felt so drained. Plus I wasn't in such a creative mood today, I'm still bothered by what went down over at that doll board.
I actually went back this morning as part of my regular routine to look though all the posts when I realized, I didn't really want to. I mean why should I waste my time on a group that doesn't seem to value me as a member? Why should I even bother? So instead of looking though them I moved onto another website. Haven't looked at it once today, and I don't really care. Not sure if I'll go back or not. I just wonder if those people even realize how their tasteless actions have really soured me on the group in general. It's just sad that Barbie has to suffer, I mean she's brought me so much joy, and to have that tarnished by these people it... it... it just sucks.
But just so you don't think my entire day was spent wallowing around in my attitude I did go shopping today! Fabric shopping! At a store that I've never been to before! Enough exclamation points?!? Anyway, there's a quilting shop in town, I found it a while back when searching for fabric stores in town. They have a website, but the vibe I got from it left me uneasy. Not that there was anything wrong with it, just that it wasn't the type of shop for me with my shyness. So I passed it by in favor of Hobby Lobby. But with the realization that Hobby Lobby didn't have what I needed for my projects, I had to go elsewhere, so this store was it. Like literally it was my only option in town, or else hit up the Walmart fat quarter section again.
When we got there I asked my father to come in with me, he's a good social buffer since he can talk to anyone about anything. Luckily he said yes. Going in, the place was a lot smaller than I was expecting. Most of the store was a large walled in section called the "The Hen House", from what I read on their website it's where they teach their classes and generally keep all of their sewing machines and such. Their fabrics were located alone one short wall in the main room, as well as in two smaller rooms. They claim to have over 1000 bolts of fabric on their website, but if they did... I didn't see most of it. I say they maybe had 500, at best. Maybe there was more in the "Hen House", but I didn't wander in there. There's nothing like rampant sexism to make me want to steer clear of a place (so success?). I mean, there's plenty of men who sew, there's no need for name calling. Even with a smaller selection of fabric than I thought, I did manage to find things, nice things, things I wanted and could use for my projects! (So, yay to that!)
Let me show you everything I got.
Color: Dark Blue
Pattern: Geometric shapes, and dots
Type: Calico
Length: 1/2 yard
Price: 2.75 (It would have been cheaper to have them cut it for you,
than buy it pre-cut. Lesson learned.)
Intended use: Kimono for Joe

Color: Medium Brown/Tan
Pattern: Really hard to explain, please see reference photo
Type: Calico
Length: 1/2 yard
Price: 2.50 (Had them cut it for me)
Intended use: Kimono for Joe

Color: Red
Pattern: Geometric flowers in white, yellow, and orange
Type: Calico
Length: Fat quarter
Price: 1.50 (Might have been more cost effective to buy 1/4 yard)
Intended use: Kimono for the Christmas Bubblecut!

Color: Dusty Light Blue
Pattern: Sticks and Berries
Type: Calico
Length: 1/2 yard
Price: 2.50
Intended use: Another Kimono for Charlotte (I just love this fabric. It looks to me like winter. The world is covered with a blanket of snow. The only things poking out of it are the twigs that still have some of their berries on them, and it's dusk, so everything has a blue hue.)

Color: Red and off white
Pattern: Checks
Type: Gingham?
Length: Rement, 10x24
Price: .50 (Should have been a quarter, but she over charged me and I didn't correct her.)
Intended use: Practice shirt for the Christmas Ken Doll

Color: Red
Pattern: Retro Black and White Cowboys
Type: Calico
Length: 12x36
Price: .50 (read above)
Intended use: Originally I bought this just because I liked it. I was going to use it for a kimono even though the pattern is way too bold. Instead I'm going to make Chatty Cathy a cowboy shirt (How 50's is that, a cowboy shirt made out of cowboy material???) and I'm also going to make my Grandfather a plastic bag holder out of it, because I'm sure he could use one, and when he was a kid he was big into Cowboys. It's not wide enough to make one, so I'm going to have to piece it together. I hope I have enough. If not I can go get more.)

I spent 11.02 there. Overall, it was an interesting experience. I'm still a bit annoyed with their odd pricing, although it really wasn't that much of a price gouge. It's just weird that it's more expensive to buy something pre-cut compared to have them cut it for you. While I doubt this store is going to replace Hobby Lobby as where I go to get fabric, but it's a good idea to at least know what they carry. It's good that I was able to get some fabrics for projects that I've been working on, but I didn't really see any other fabrics there that interested me. I don't think I'll head back into there until I'm either stuck and in dire need of another fabric for a project, or they have a really good sale (I signed up for their mailing list yesterday). Other than that I think I'm all set sticking to Hobby Lobby (Until I move and have other places to fabric shop).
So my wonderful readers, what do you think I should make first?
Your options are;
A. Joe Kimono One (Dark Blue Calico)
B: Joe Kimono Two (Tan Patterned Calico)
C: Bubblecut's Kimono (Red Calico)
D: Charlotte's Winter Kimono (Light Blue Calico)
E: Christmas Ken's Shirt (Red and off-White Gingham)
F: Chatty Cathy's Cowboy Shirt (Red Cowboy Calico)
G: Grandpa's Bag Holder (Red Cowboy Calico)
Please let me know which one you think I should make. I eagerly await your replies!

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