Monday, February 21, 2011

Brr, it's cold in here...

Last night I set up the coat I made for talking Barbie on my dress form so it could dry after I color-fasted it. The dress form is displayed on Charlotte's shelf, in plain sight of her. She was stuck staring at it all night long. Today, when I went to take the coat off the dress form I heard her sigh. So I asked her what was wrong. She explained that she really liked the coat, and even though she knew that it belonged to someone else, could she please try it on, just once? How could I say no to that? I can't say no to my little moppet. So she tried it on, and it looked adorable. Gently I took it off her when she was done trying it on and gave it back to Talking Barbie. Redressed I put her back onto the vintage shelf, to rejoin all her friends and show off her new, and new to her clothes. Glancing down I noticed that Charlotte was looking a little down. Knowing what she was thinking I spoke to her, "You know, I made that coat, and I can certainly make another one if someone wanted it." Her little face lit up, and I knew what I was going to be doing today.
The pattern was still out and on top of the rest of the junk on my desk so it was easy to find. Cutting it out went easily, although it's really putting a dent in my red calico. I'm going to have to add that to the shopping list soon, but we'll see if I keep going though it. The coat went together basically the same as yesterday's, although I did change the sleeve pattern. This time it's lined, eliminating the hem on it. That's actually how it's supposed to be, but I ignored the pattern notes when I made it yesterday. I also did a few other minor tweaks when I made it, using yesterday's coat as a learning experience. This pattern really comes out nicely, so you might end up seeing it again for someone else. With a few minor tweaks it could make a really nice A-line coat, so that might come up sometime, or I could make Joe a Pea coat (which I want to do). Time will tell what this pattern becomes.
Anyway, I managed to add the three snaps, making sure my threads weren't visible though the top front layer. That's the most annoying part of making these. You try holding a snap down, making sure it doesn't shift while trying to sew though one layer of fabric. Very tedious, and my sewing on that part looks terrible, but you can't see it, which is the point. I was going to add button's to the front of this jacket like to previous one, but I just couldn't. While I like the idea of the buttons, I think they're too big. So this time I attached seed pearls, six compared to four. And the jacket was done! I'm not going to lie, I really really like how this jacket looks. It's a bit better than the one I made yesterday. Honestly I'm thinking that when Charlotte's done with it, I'm going to see if Talking Barbie can fit in it, if she can't I'll replace the buttons on her jacket with pearls and eliminate the buttons. But like I said, when Charlotte's done, it's her coat after all.
For accessories for the coat I added a few of my favorite things. I was able to use the red gloves that came from the Speed Racer gift set. She also got a hat, the red Myscene beret that I adore. Her shoes are the Mary Janes from the recent shoe pack (love, love, love Mary Janes). For underclothes she's wearing the turtleneck that she was wearing before she got the coat. And she's not actually wearing anything under the coat on the bottom, I didn't find a skirt short enough, so I just added her underwear so she would have something on underneath. I don't plan on having her wear this out in public, so she's not going to have an issue. I also added a red Barbie hatbox purse, as well as a red Barbie suitcase that I had. It's so "Girl moving to the Big City", I just love this look on her. She looks amazing in the coat, I'm so glad she wanted me to make her one. J'adore this coat.

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