Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day off...

No Finish it up Friday this week, I'm taking the rest of the week off from Dolls and Sewing. Instead I played more video games, Fable still. I spent hours playing today, I actually developed a bit of "gamer's thumb" on my left hand. I guess I'm not used to playing video games for that long! Still fun though, hope I don't have any issues tomorrow.
But that's not all that happened today, P.J. also arrived! Which was super nice, learned a lot about her. But before I forget the seller also included a really cute little pad, in the shape of a car, that was very sweet of her. I can always use another pad, so score on that! For not such good news I learned that the vintage legs I had would not work for the body, sad. The holes in the lower torso was much smaller than the legs. I did try to get them to fit, but couldn't get them to fit, and I didn't want to break her. So I gave up on them. Instead I found a pair of knock off Barbie legs that I could at least use temporarily to give her the appearance of legs. It's not perfect, but it certainly looks better than her having no legs at all. She can't stand on her own or anything. I spent some time figuring out which P.J. she is since she looks so close to the P.J. I already had, except that she didn't have rooted lashes. Turns out there were two P.J.'s that used the same face paint, Talking and TNT, but they both had rooted lashes. Looking over the doll showed that she was supposed to have lashes. Someone went though and pulled out her lashes, giving her a pretty big tear on her eye. It's not noticeable unless you push on her head, just sad that it exists. Also pretty sad, my other P.J. is starting to develop a neck split, going to have to be very careful if I ever have to take off her head again, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Isn't it freaky that someone decided to pull out all her lashes? It's really weird Anyway I've decided that she's TNT P.J. since she came on a TNT body, it just makes sense, to me at least. Still figuring out what she's going to wear since I have no clue what to do yet for her. I did make her that headband today, she has a bit of hair cut at that spot on her head, and it covers that. Other than that there's nothing to really say. Just welcome P.J. I'm sure you'll get dressed soon, and have a place on the shelf!

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