Monday, February 7, 2011

Etsy Monday is a No Go Today

Esty Monday certainly didn't start off like normal. First off I had a terrible nights sleep. I woke up every few hours, and just couldn't fall back asleep. I seriously hate nights like that. So I was already in a bit of a mood when I woke up. Then in the morning when I was downstairs for my second cup of tea, my father came in and asked me for help unloading the truck of pallets. (We burn them in the winter to save money on heating the house.) I really had no choice, so I had to say yes. Turns out it was more than just moving the pallets from the truck, it was also helping him cut them. Which was so annoying. Not that I had to do it, but that I just was expected to do it. I don't mind helping, I just wish that I was told or asked to do it. I'm much better about doing something when I'm able to at least warm up to the idea. So that was how I spent my morning, chopping up wood, and moving the boxes of it into the house. *sigh*.
But I did get something out of it, something exciting! Earlier I was talking to my Mother about a doll I saw over at the Doll Show and Sell page, or at least part of a doll. It was a P.J. doll, or at least her from the waist up. Actually, she was just missing her legs. And it would just happen to be, I have an extra pair of legs laying around. Although they are vintage legs, and she's a TNT torso, so I wasn't sure if they would fit. So I emailed to person selling her asking for a photo of the body in a side view. While I was waiting for them to get back to me I researched if it was possible to do an inter-generational body part trade like that. I still don't know. I didn't tell you the best part, she was only three dollars! Which I have! Although I had to be really careful about shipping, I didn't have that much left to pay for that. Luckily my parents said they would get her for me, since I did the wood thing, not to mention the fact that I made it go much faster than normal. Which is good because turns out the shipping would have been more than what I could afford. It ended up being just 5.75 to ship it from Canada. But she's been paid for, and I'm going to start to think about how to dress her. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Mod really isn't my strong suit, so I'm going to have a lot of work in front of me. Any suggestions anyone? I've never did find out if the legs I have fit, by the way. I'm going to have to wait to see if they do when she gets here. But anyway, I didn't get my three things listed over on Etsy, although I'd be a bit more motivated if something I posted actually sold. Maybe I'm still over pricing? I just don't want to under price it since I'm trying to regain my costs.
In the evening and afternoon I worked on Skooter. Since she's now using a stand that touches her leg she's going to need some fabric between her and it. Plus I wasn't happy with what she was wearing, so it was high time for her to get a costume change anyways. I started off with one thing before I veered off into another direction. (Isn't that always the case?) Originally I was going to make her a jumper with a turtleneck underneath. The issue is with jumpers is that I like that, but have yet to make one. Today was no exception. I spent a great deal of time working with and drafting a pattern that I eventually gave up on. So I moved onto something else, I guess the jumper will have to wait for another day. I decided to make a simple A-line dress. So I used the pattern that I use to make simple shell blouses for Skipper and adapted that. My muslin worked well, so I moved onto my actual piece. Which came out pretty nice actually. I used that red flower fabric that I used for the Bubblecut kimono, and I had a hard time getting the pattern to fit. Not a lot of that fabric left, which is a shame because I really like it. I'm planning on going back to get another yard, that's how much I like it. I'm even willing to deal with that store again. The things I do for Barbie, right? Anyway, I worked out some kinks with the pattern as I worked with it. When I was done with the initial dress, I did a bow of yellow at the bust, because I love that color combo. Originally this was going add a yellow collar to the dress, but when it was almost done I decided that I didn't need it, it was fine without it. I added two snaps in the back and it was done. Pretty cute, right?
Now it was time for the frustrating part with any Skipper project, I have no shoes for them. Like, no joke. Right now out of the five Skipper dolls (including friends such as Ricky and Skooter) I have, only three of them are wearing shoes, and the ones that are, are just the Barbie sneakers that are in fact too big for their feet. I really need to get them some actual shoes. But anyway, I was going to make Skooter here some yellow tights, but they didn't look so good. So I tossed them. (Not literally, just out of the outfit). I ended up making her a pair of short socks, in yellow. I'm not a huge fan of them, the fit could be better, but it works for now. Eventually when I get a chance to buy some actual shoes, I'll have to get a pair of red Skipper flats and just use those. But like I said, the works for now, although it doesn't solve my problem with her having bare legs. I guess I'll have to do something else about that, I just can't win.
(P.S. Check out the last photo on the left, normally I would crop it to just show Skooter and her new dress, but check out Skipper. Doesn't she look like she's looking at the camera? Super cool and creepy right? I just wish she was more in focus. Also with this you can see how the vintage shelf is set up. You can see Skipper, Francie, Hair Fair Barbie, Allen, a Blond Bubblecut, Midge, and Skooter. The other side is set up as a mirror image with similar dolls.)

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