Friday, February 4, 2011

Finshing more for Friday!

And so here we are, another Friday, and another Finish it up Friday is upon us. Has it been another week already? Time just seems to fly on by. Luckily I was prepared today and got my required number of things done, so it's all good. Although, I actually did one more than that, it's still not totally finished, so I'm not counting it yet.

I started off with this dress. It's a copy of Charlotte's Christmas dress (which I never really shared with you) in blue. I started it right after she came back from getting repainted, and I actually finished it back then, but didn't like it. The skirt was too low and there were some fit issues in the bodice. So today I started off with ripping out the skirt, and raising to the waist. Originally it was much too low on her hips, making the skirt not as full as it could be. And you know how I love full skirts. I think I took it in about 1/2 inch, which is a lot in 1:6 scale. When that was over I worked on the fit issue in the bodice, should have done that before I added the skirt, but it was too late to change that. I ended up taking in the back darts some more, this really helped the overall fit. I guess I didn't take enough in the first time. After that I just had to redo the back seam, and re-sew both snaps. Ugh, I hate doing snaps the first time, much less doing them the second time. But this looks much, much better that it did before. So, I'm glad that I got around to finishing it.

Next I moved onto an easier project. This was a kimono that I made from the new fabric. Yesterday when I was finished writing I got around to making it, but needed to fix the sewing on the collar and the hem, as well as reinforce the seams. That's what I did today. Originally I used light blue thread, and today I used gray. I don't have an exact match, but I think the gray is a lot less noticeable than the blue. So, a simple finish, but one I certainly like. I think it came out really cute, plus it's finished!

Next we have something that we are a little stretching the "Finish it up" part of Friday. Yes, I made this entirely today, but I did finish it, so it technically counts. Since I made that other kimono it was time to make another obi, since I didn't have enough to go around. Also I wanted one in another color. I used the maroon calico that I had. This one came out better than the first one I made, I was able to skip over some of the issues that I had with the first one. I think it's cute, and didn't take too long, which if good because I will eventually need to make at least two more. Fun times.

Next I moved onto the Ken outfit I've been working on. The initial sewing was done, and I really wanted to get it done. I'm tired of having so many dolls just hanging around while I work on their projects. If I finished his, he could go back on the shelf. Besides, his shirt was so close to being done. All I had to do was add a second snap and finish the bottom hem, and it was done. If I ever dust this pattern off again I will need to tweak it, but it works for now.

After that I started to work on the jacket. I've been thinking about skipping the jacket, but I kind of like it. So today I started by ripping out the collar. I don't like the upright collar, and wanted one that lay flat. So I redid it. This one looks so much better. I finished it off my hand, and my initial sewing was done. After that I added two hook and eye closures, one at the bottom and one at the middle. I didn't bother with one at the top since it wasn't going to close. I think it came out really cute. I really like his outfit now, I'm so glad I began this project. Sometimes these sewing projects really pay off.

So that's what I got finished today. Lots of big projects today, so that's a change. Usually it's just small things that I'm not sure I'll ever get around to. These items I'm sure I'm going use, especially the Ken outfit. He's already on the bookshelf, and looks fabulous. Maybe finish it up Friday's worth it. Ask me that again next week! ;)

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