Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good day today. It was business as usual here at Aubrey's mind. No Valentines related specialness here. Although, I'm going to say the weather was my Valentine, because it was glorious today, a really wonderful day, which was really nice because it's been so cold lately. (Brr) If only the wind chill was a little lower it would have been perfect, but that's just a minor gripe, can't win them all.
Even thought it was a Holiday I didn't let that stop me in terms of theme days. Etsy Monday rolled right along. I manged to post all three items in my shop in record time. It didn't hurt that one of the items something other than a pattern. It was a vintage sewing machine manual that I bought in a random lot of stuff a while back. I honestly forgot that I even had it. I meant to sell it back when I got it, but didn't have a way to, but now I do! The other day when I was looking for something else I stumbled across it. (Isn't that always the case?) Since I still don't need it, I listed it over on Etsy, might as well see if someone out there wants it. After that I posted two more patterns. Bringing my total items in my shop 10, which is the self appointed amount. So I may skip next week and see if anything sells, but I might ignore that and list some more stuff. I just wish something would sell, give me a sign that I'm doing things correctly. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so, but that's just me.
I did do some more sewing today, which was... interesting. Nothing Mod today, thankfully, but still just as screwy as when I am doing mod. I made a sheath dress, testing out the pattern, but it was really wonky, not at all how I wanted it. Once again it got added into the finish it up box to wait until I decide to come back to it. After that I moved onto Charlotte's Valentines dress. (Pretty Late, huh?) Honestly I didn't even bother making her one becasue I'm not really feeling this Holiday, besides she already owns plenty of red clothes. If I had found the right fabric for it, I'm sure that I would have made her something, but everything I found didn't work for it, so she didn't get something. Anyway, this dress ended up being another pile of fabric, so annoying. So I took a step back, I don't really like what I was doing. It just wasn't my style. And there's no need pulling my hair out on something that I know I don't even like when I'm making it, much less when I was done with it. So once again it got added to the box. At this rate I'm going to need another box to hold all the stuff I haven't finished!


  1. It weren't that bad a day for me either but I did try to make a pink organza valentines top but when I put the velcro on it, it was way too tight but I was sorta happy it didn't turn out right because I was starting to hate it

  2. I hate when fit issues only come up when you're almost done! It's just so frustrating! Usually when I make something too tight it goes to Francie or Momoko since they're smaller than Barbie.