Friday, February 11, 2011

Is it the end of another week already?

Here we are, another Finish it up Friday upon us. It's kind of hard to believe it's been a week since the last one, especially since I didn't want to do it last week, and I really didn't want to do it this week, so I stalled. I ended up looking though the bag of solo doll shoes to see if there was any pairs that I had missed yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't manage to make any pairs, and it's a shame since there's some really nice shoes there that I wish I could use. I guess the next time up in Connecticut I'll have to see if I can find anymore, although as I've said before last time I was there I grabbed all the shoes I could find, so there's very few left, if any. So if I do manage to find anymore up there it's not going to be as many as last trip, which is a shame. I also put back one of the pairs of shoes that I put together yesterday, it was just too far of a match, I didn't want to claim it was a match when they were so far apart. Other than that I managed to put the other shoes I got yesterday away, as well as use one pair in the collection. It was a pair of 80's/90's mold red Barbie heels. I ended up sticking them on the Bubblecut in the kimono. It's not a perfect solution, but it works for now. I have this thing where I like everyone to have shoes, even if it's not the perfect ones for their outfit. Them having shoes in the first place is the big deal. Other than that all the shoes went into the shoe bags, nobody else could use any of the pairs that I got yesterday. (It doesn't hurt that many, many people have shoes on that I think DO go with their outfit, and therefor, don't need new ones.)

I managed to loaf around (getting some stuff done) until lunchtime. After lunch I actually forced myself to get to work, knowing that if I didn't I'd never get it done. I started off with some simple. Here we have a fake fur stole. I made it for Charlotte's "wintery" kimono. It's made from that white fur that I begrudgingly use because it sheds everywhere. The shocking white didn't work with the muted color pallet of the kimono, so I dyed it. It's actually dyed using acrylic paint, my first foray into that technique. Then I decided that her kimono didn't really need this accessory so I moved on. Today I just added a hook and eye and it was done. I kind of like the look of the dyed fur, so I might have to do something with that again soon. Maybe mod?

Anyway, next I moved onto a failed part of Skooter's latest outfit, the yellow tights I made. One of them just needed to have the top and bottom reinforced and the stabilizer ripped out. The other one needed all of that as well as to be taken in at the ankle. I did that by hand, not bothering to thread the machine. These came out pretty quick, and into the Skipper bag they went, not sure if they'll get used, but they're done.

Next I moved onto a dress for Barbie. It was for Charlotte when she came back from getting repainted, but today for the life of me I couldn't get it to sew. The tension was all screwed up in my machine so it looked terrible, so I ended up scrapping it for now. Eventually I'll go back to it, but not today.

After that I moved onto this skirt. Originally this was a dress designed for Vanessa. I messed up the armholes, and was so mad I threw it into the box. There it sat for the longest, until I was willing to admit that the armholes were shot, there was no way I was going to salvage them, so it became a skirt. Seam reinforcing and snaps were all that was needed and it was done. The hard part was already done, I just wish I didn't spend all that time making the top then messing it up. Live and learn I guess, live and learn.

After that was another Skipper/Skooter doll item. Here we have a shirt that I made a week or two ago. This was actually the reason why I bought that stripped fabric that became the Ken shirt, but I never finished it. I was going to, but Skooter moved onto that red dress I made earlier in the week, so into the to be finished box it went. Today I hemmed it in the back, *by hand* then added two snaps. Not sure why the sudden influx of Skipper clothing, but I'll certainly take it, she's always in need of more clothes.

Finally I moved onto another part of that Skooter dress. This was a cut away from when I made the dress, and I couldn't bear to throw it out. It just looked like a head scarf, and was almost perfect in size, but not quite. Either way today I went and carefully hand blanket stitched the entire edge, followed by sewing a ribbon on it, so it can tie under the doll's neck. I'm not going to lie, it's adorable and looks amazing on Skooter. I ended up color fasting it, since the ribbon ties under the doll's head. While this is really cute, I think that she's going to only wear it during photo shoots, I can't afford to have it stain her head. Still really cute though.

After that I spent the rest of today researching Mod fashion, and I must sadly say, I still don't have anything that I want to sew for the dolls. It's just such a hard era for me to work with. Hopefully something will come along that I'll want to sew, but until then Barbie's going to be naked, and P.J. when she arrives, will be stuck in that same fate. Always open for suggestions of anyone cares to give me any.

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