Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a no clever title Saturday...

Today took me a while today to get to actually do something. I'm still not fully up to speed just yet, if I had to hazard a guess I'd say I'm maybe at 75% right now. Hopefully I'll keep making better and get back to normal. (If that really exists for me!)
I did finally get P.J. off my desk, there was no need to have her there when she was fully dressed. Not sure why all these dolls have been loitering around the desk, but it needs to stop, there's simply not enough room over there. Anyway, I had to pull though the collection to find her a stand, since she doesn't have any legs she's going to need a stand in order to... well stand. Unfortunately in order to preserve the silhouette of her drop waist-ed dress she needed a Kieser stand, which I only have three of. (But want so much more.) I ended up having to take the one that my Francie was wearing to give her. I didn't want to, but I had to. I gave Francie one of the less attractive stands from Hobby Lobby that I was using for Sindy. Right now Sindy's sitting down, so it's not a real loss for her. I need more stands, but I don't want to buy them from Hobby Lobby anymore, they're the same price as the nice stands, just the difference is one is in town, the other it's in Greensboro. Oh well, someday, someday. Still have to figure out where she going to be displayed. Honestly at this point I don't think I'll figure out a solution that makes me happy, until the next time I go and buy a new doll that's a mod doll to add to the collection. But since I don't have any money that's a long time coming. I guess P.J. here is going to hang out on her own for a while. Right now she's just standing on the vintage shelf, just to get her off the desk. Let me appreciate getting her dressed before I put here somewhere.
There's also something I wanted to confess to you. I went and returned to "In the Pink" today. I know, I know, I was just complaining about over there, but I think enough time has passed. Also yesterday when I was bored I stumbled over there and found out the person that made me want to quit was taking a break from there, so I might as well go back. Also since I'm using flickr, I'm already taking pictures and posting them, that's the hard part. I might as well post them somewhere else and show them off. So I did that, posting a few photos of my recent sewing projects. Got some nice comments, which I always love to hear. Let's see if this takes.
And I did do some sewing today. (Shocking I know!) One of the other dolls that was hanging out on the desk was the Ken that I got for Christmas. He was partially dressed, well, fully dressed but only partially completed. His shirt was done, but his pants weren't. That's because I didn't like his pants. They were fine, but nothing special, I hadn't even bothered to finish them, so I decided to make him a new pair today, with some minor modifications to the pattern. They came out decently, better than the last pair but not perfect. But these I did finish. Right now they and the shirt are soaking in some tea. I'm trying to dye the white thread that I used to make them to something a bit more muted. Here's hoping that works, but it's not a huge deal if it doesn't. Either way he's dressed and almost on his way to the bookcase, unlike P.J. he already has a place to go on it. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I have any shoes for him, or at least I haven't picked out any for him yet, not sure if I have any. Hopefully I have something for him to wear, or else he'll be forced to rock the shoeless look. I'll update you later with pictures, right now his clothes are all wet... and in a tea cup...
When I was done with his pants, I stopped sewing. I'm not really sure what my next project is going to be. I'm kind of out of ideas. I'm back to that point where I don't have anything to do. Back to having dolls that I should dress, but none that I want to dress. I mean, if I had an idea of how to dress them, I would have done it already. Hopefully something will come up. I just hope it doesn't take too long, I get antsy when I don't have anything to work on. So for the rest of today I played more video games, Fable again. I'm switching from evil to good. Being evil was so... boring. I reached my limit, and switched over to good. But I didn't play long before I got bored, right now I'm just going from one mission to another, not really having fun. I'm just doing it to get it to the next one. So I changed video games, I decided to hop back into playing Second Life. I've been hesitant about playing it because sometimes I get a little too focused on it and ignore other things. But I wanted to hop on and see what was up. So much has changed! But I was able to chat with one of my friends on there for a bit before it crashed on me. I'm thinking that I might start playing a bit at night, just for fun, but once again, we'll see. I might simply not have time!
I actually got a lot done today, weird!

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