Sunday, February 6, 2011

The begining of another week...

A lazy Sunday today, I think I can officially say that "Set it Aside Sunday" is a dead theme day. I really haven't felt motivated to do that day in a while. I think if I really wanted to get someone dressed then I would, regardless of the day. I mean Charlotte's not a dictator, not allowing me to work for someone else when I want to. I can definitely work on someone else when I want to, I just need to want to first. I mean I did the Bubblecut redress yesterday, and that was a Saturday! So, thank you for being there "Set it Aside Sunday", you were fun while you lasted. So as I bid adieu to Sunday's theme, I managed to avoid getting any actual work done.
I did however get out of the house to go shopping. And for the first time in a while, not fabric shopping. I'm trying to be better about using the fabric I've just purchased before bringing more in. As of right now out of the last eleven fabric purchases I've used seven of them, so we're getting closer, but still have some projects to finish. But today I was headed off to the Habitat for Humanity store with my father to buy some wood. He's making my sister a bookshelf, and I wanted to see what else they had. But it turns out they're closed on Sundays. Which is weird. I really am not used to stores being closed on Sundays, back up north the only thing that's closed on Sundays were usually liquor stores. Down here is much more common, but even thought that store was closed I did stop in to the Dollar Store. My father needed a cheap frame and super glue. I took the chance to see what they had that I could use. Sigh, they didn't have anything in Barbie scale. I've noticed that for the past few years, they no longer have any Barbie clones, usually they are Bratz size or smaller. I guess it's the world telling me I don't need anymore cheap dolls. They also didn't have any handkerchiefs, or t-shirt, both of which I use for doll clothes. I did however find some cheap porcelain ballerina dolls. Maybe about 4-5 inches tall. They were unappealing and cheap, but they came with stands. Looking at them in store I thought that they might fit Skipper on the tallest setting. So I bought them, Skipper could always use more stands. Actually, everyone could use more stands, that's a purchase that I need to make for everyone. Anyway when I got home I realized that my sizing was waaaaaaaay off. Those stands couldn't even be close to their waist. And even worse, I didn't have any doll that fit it. They were simply too short for every doll in the collection, except Kelly and Tommy, which they were too big for. I was already kicking myself for wasting two dollars when I realized something, the stands don't have to go around their waists, they just need to attach to them at some point and create a greater sense of balance so they can stand on their own. So I took the stand and put it around one leg on my Ricky doll. And it worked! There's enough balance so that he can stand even though he's only supported by one leg! I used the other one to make my Scooter stand. Although I have to be careful with her since she's wearing a skirt and I worry if the metal stand might react with her skin. It's not a perfect solution, but they look better than when they were just sitting on the shelf. Eventually when my finances are better I'll go and get some better stands for them, but it certainly works for now. I'm glad I was able to use them, even though not how I was originally thinking.
I did also try to get some sewing done, but it was a no go. I was trying to recreate something I saw online, but it was not working. I found myself getting frustrated and snappy. Once again I found myself mad at Charlotte. And I know when I get like that I need to stop. I mean, when you're getting mad at a plastic doll, something's up. So I stopped, and redressed Charlotte in one of her favorite outfits. Maybe I'll go back to working on that outfit, maybe not, not really sure. Don't really care much at this point either.
Oh! I also managed to get some cleaning done. My room's in a general state of disarray, but I do try to stay on top of it. So today I went though and fixed the collection. It was basically putting away the dolls that were out of place and putting clothing away that nobody was wearing. It looks much better now. So pretty!

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