Monday, February 28, 2011

May I complain to you all for a second?

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing my complain about things, but I have a need to do so again. If you simply don't want to hear it, feel free to skip this post into something else, but I must admit, I'm regularly pretty complainy, so good luck finding something else here. Quick note, this isn't about sewing, I have complaints about that too, but not enough to warrant a post.
I'll set the scene: The other day Integrity Toys (is it still labeled toys for their collectible dolls, or is that just what the playline is called?) released photos of their upcoming lines. Since I'm always curious about what's going on in the world of fashion dolls, I peeked. I saw a lot of interesting dolls, although not a whole lot for my personal style (or budget!). I did however find something that I wanted, in the Dynamite Girls line.
This year the girls are getting an interesting addition to their group, boys! Boys that happen to look a great deal like the Fashion Royalty Hommes. I've wanted a Homme doll for a great while now. I really like their look and their handsome style (Hot, hot, hot!). I think it would be nice to have such a type of doll in the collection. Even though we're mainly Barbie around here I like having a variety of dolls besides her and her friends. Plus if you saw the boy:girl ratio from yesterday's post, we could always use a bit more testosterone around here. Unfortunately these dolls come with the Fashion Royalty price amount. Which is why I only have one fashion royalty doll, and that I only have her head, she's on a BB Barbie body. These types of dolls rarely go for under 100 dollars, which I certainly do not have. The most I have ever payed for a doll was 60, and that was for my blond ponytail Barbie, and she came with an almost complete Solo in the Spotlight fashion. Plus with that deal I got a better price the more I spent, so she actually was cheaper when you average the price of all the other dolls.
I simply do not have that much to spend on my doll collection. My finances are in such a state that I don't have a lot for the doll budget. Sure I get a lot of little stuff, but no really big purchases. If I had to hazard a guess I would say that my entire doll collection has cost me about 1,500 dollars. And that's everyone on the bookcase, over the course of at least a decade. And honestly even as I type this I think that's a grand over-estimate since a lot of these dolls cost less than the 15 dollars per that I've estimated (Some have cost more though). I've seen collections that were the same price estimate per display shelf compared to my entire collection. And honestly, I'm fine with that. While I wish I had more money to spend on them, I enjoy having a collection that's based partially in thrift, it's part of my enjoyment. Even if I had more money, I would just buy more compared to better. The thrill of the hunt and finding that perfect bargain is a big part of it. Besides knowing that I don't have a lot of money invested in them allows me the freedom to actually use them. I like playing with the collection, redressing them, fixing their hair, posing them. I think if I had a doll that cost hundreds of dollars I wouldn't even think about personalizing her, I couldn't justify that kind of cost, unless it's an investment.
But with these Dynamite Boys would be a happy alternative. They have the same body and looks of the original at half the cost. With my low end standers I probably wouldn't notice any different from this one compared to the official thing. (Since I collect, *Gasp* Barbie!) Within Dynamite Girls this year there's two lines coming out, one of dressed dolls, and one that's basically a swimsuit group, with two different price tags. The dressed dolls are 59.99 (I think, don't quote me on that!) and the swimsuit dolls are 44.99. Luckily for me I like the cheaper male doll, Ryu. His swimsuit is "meh", but that means nothing to me, I'd be sewing him clothes anyway. Usually stock outfits aren't really used in the collection. Only 6 dolls are wearing any piece of their original clothing. But even though he's a "cheaper" doll, he's still expensive to my budget. I'm honestly going to have to save up my pennies, and hopefully sell some things before his May release date, and maybe use some money that I'd get for my Birthday in June, and hopefully manage to find him on sale, or so I hoped.
Turns out that a lot of dealers have been taking pre-orders for this line (as all the others) and a lot of places are already sold out of these guys. Even thought pre-orders aren't technically supposed to start until the 3rd. Even then I wouldn't be able to get him, I don't have enough saved up for a pre-order. It's just so depressing to have my hopes dashed so early in the game. Did you know that there's only 300 of each doll being produced? That's nuts, especially for such a big toy producer. That's less than Mattel's top line production run. And that's for a doll that's more of their low end selection. It's just upsetting because I finally thought I'd get a chance to own one, to have it snapped away from me over something that I had no control over. It's like, "I want to be a customer, why won't you let me?" Sigh, Ryu, I guess you won't be mine. At least I have Joe to console me, he'll dry my tears.


  1. :-( I'm sorry hon. I know the pre-orders thing sucks big time. But I tend to find that not all the dolls sell and there are usually some left overs around. So keep hope, you may get one yet. I mean, they aren't FR, so the *ahem* doll snobs will hold out for the "better stuff", if you get what I mean. So keep hope alive and keep saving those pennies. You may get your Ryu after all! :-)

  2. Aww, thank you. Yeah, here's hoping people snub them and I can snap one up!

    Although I do feel awful for complaining when you're having all sorts of real issues. Hope yours sorts out faster than mine.

  3. Aww no, don't feel bad. I was just telling my mom today I feel bad complaining about my issues when there are people worse off than me. At least what I have I can live with. It could have been something terminal, so I have to be thankful for that. So don't feel bad, I'm going to be ok, eventually. LOL! Long road, but I'll get there. :-) And I personally feel you deserve the doll. You don't ask for much and you are a nice guy who is there for his family and friends. So you deserve something that you really really want and I'm keeping my fingers crossed tight that those snobs are looking elsewhere and you have the pick of the litter. :-) We know there is plenty of quality and potential in the underdogs. :-)

  4. Well, I hope you get better ASAP!

    Aww thank you. I've been thinking, lots of people out there get dolls because they're "new". When they're not new they sell them to finance their next "new" purchase, so he might show up like that on the second hand market. I'm not like that because when I get a doll they are going to be with me until I go!