Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not a Success, but not quite a failure...

Well, Typewriter Tuesday certainly didn't get very far today. I did however get past that section that I was stuck on last week, but I stuck directly after it. So it's good that I got past where I was stuck, but literally I got stuck on the next line. I did however do a dialogue breakdown of what I wanted to be said in that section, so it wasn't a total loss. Before that I just had a very vague breakdown. I just needed time to think about the correct wording that I want for it. I was also able to incorporate something that up until now I hadn't been able to, incorporate it very well actually (If I say so myself). So today I got about a half a page written, and a half page worked on. Even though it's going slowly, I am making progress. "Meeting Room Chat" is at this point a 9 page word document, right now I'm at the top of page 8, so we're getting there, it's just taking it's time. Thursday is another writing day, and I hope by then I'll be able to get more churned out. Usually Thursday is a better writing day because I've been just thinking about it the previous day. But I'm not going to add another writing day to my schedule just yet. Maybe once the first draft is done, but right now I still need that break from writing, it's so very emotionally draining.
When I decided that I wasn't going to get things any further today I kind of wafted from one thing to another. I played some more Fable, although for about an hour today. I wasn't really that interested in it for very long. I also did some more research for Mod sewing. Even though Talking Barbie has been dressed, I still have the recent arrivial of P.J. to dress. Although honestly I've cooled a bit about getting it done "NOW!". Since I got one of them dressed satisfactorily, I'm not feeling as pressed to get it done. I know that I can successfully make something Mod, I don't need to prove that I can do it. I guess the pressure's off, or at least I've had a short burst of successes compared to a onslaught of failure. I don't know, if I understood me, it would take all the fun out of being me. I did do some sewing today, I started really late this evening working on a new dress for Charlotte. Nothing that I or she really needed, but I was curious if I could make it. (I was working with a new pattern.) Hopefully it will come out, right now it's looking good, but there's a long way to go, no pictures today, but maybe tomorrow if I finish it.
Oh! My Dad has a job interview tomorrow, I would appreciate if everyone would send good thoughts his way. This one would be much better than the one he currently has. (Fingers crossed, everyone!)

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