Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday with Mixed Results

Saturday went as planned, more video games. I did however go out for a bit, you know me and shopping. Although once again I managed to not find anything I wanted. I skipped Hobby Lobby today and just focused on the second hand stores. But they had nothing I wanted. They did have one fashionista (I am waiting for them to come to the second hand stores), but she was missing a hand, and I can't do anything for that, so she stayed. I'm also running out of dolls that can use the fashionista body, we're down to one that needs to be rebodied. (Come on new skin tones Mattel) The other stores had dolls that were "meh", nothing I needed, and certainly nothing I wanted. Right now there's no room for any dolls that I don't really want. The only way someone can come in is if I really like them, I want their clothes, or they belong to part of the collection (vintage), don't need more just hanging around dolls. I have plenty spares that I'm just waiting to get rid of. I didn't leave completely empty handed, I did pick up a spool of white thread at Walmart... yay... I guess. I did need it, but it's just a supply nothing fun. I did look at each second hand store for mod looking clothes to use for Barbie, but didn't find anything. So annoying! Not sure what's going to happen with the mod dolls, each day I care less and less about getting them dressed. I wish I could go back to vintage and work with them some more, I miss vintage.
I did do some sewing today, even though I wasn't planning on it. My mom gave me one of her shirts that needed some patches. A simple job since it's a shirt she only wears around the house, no rush, but I wanted to get it out of the room. So I did it and returned it. After that I felt like doing some more sewing. I worked on making a pair of tights for P.J.. She needs a pair to keep her legs attached. The pair she's wearing in yesterday's photo are actually Charlotte's from her Halloween costume. She'd keep them except they are much too big for her in the back. Charlotte's on a different body, one with a bigger caboose. So today I went and changed the pattern and sewed it up... it didn't come out right. I managed to mess up one of the legs, it still works, but doesn't look the best. I think I might just toss the ones I made and make another pair, don't know yet.
But in some exciting news someone commented on one of my photos on flickr, about the shirt the doll was wearing. Asking where they could get one. I said that I had made it and could make one for them if they wanted. And they did. It's actually evolved into possibly making them quite a few shirts (and some socks), but nothing's set in stone yet. So, I may have to put all my projects on hold for a while, and just work on shirts. I just know that I have to tweak the pattern some. Let's see what comes from this. Here's hoping something good, and who knows, I might end up making some new shirts in new colors for my own people! I do love those shirts, making them is a pain though. But so worth it.

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