Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday with some stressed hair pulling!

Today's been one of those days, one that really tests you. I've been sewing on and off for several hours today, and have nothing to show for it. Each time I make something I manage to mess it up, and have to stop, or decide I hate what I'm making and stop. Days like this make me want to stick the sewing machine in a closet and forget about it.
It didn't start off that way. This morning I was able to take pictures for yesterday's post (Finish it up Friday), getting that taken care of. I even managed to post a couple new shots to flickr. How fun is flickr guys? So glad I finally joined over there, even with all the issue I have with it sometimes. After that I played around with the collection. With the soon (hopefully) arrival of P.J. I've been forced to do some thinking as to where she's going to go. Which is tricky because I have several options, none of which are ideal. Since I'm thinking about the vintage dolls I was doing some counting.
Right now over on the vintage shelf there's 20 dolls, and that's all that can fit comfortably on that shelf, and that's including five Skipper sized dolls, and two seated dolls. Counting the dolls that are not on that shelf but still under the vintage category there's 15 (including the yet here P.J., but not including some vintage dolls that I like keeping on other shelves.). So today for fun I took all the dolls that weren't on the vintage shelf and arranged them as if there was a vintage shelf part 2. Basically it's all the dolls from Vintage Runoff shelf; the titan bubblecuts, Hong Kong Lilli, painted hair Ken, number one Ken, etc. I cleared off Charlotte's shelf for this little endeavor since it had the least number of people it's the easier to clean off.
Setting up the dolls how I like them was easier said than done. It actually proved to be quite a task, since I have such standards for how the shelf is set up. I like the dolls to be mirror images on each side. Some of them were already in pairs, but I had several that didn't have any type of counterpart that I liked. Eventually when I do break down and get another bookcase for the dolls I'm going to have to find some specific dolls to counterbalance the ones I already have. But that's a bit of time away, so we'll see what happens to the collection by then. Honestly, there's always room for more vintage dolls here, even if I have to move out to make them fit! Another point that I should mention is that these 15 don't include any shorter dolls like Francie or Skipper, who are good for being in front and not blocking the dolls behind them. All of these other dolls were tall Barbie and Kens. Luckily this was just a test and I wasn't doing it for real. Also it was good because some of the dolls didn't look pleased to be on a shelf together. There was a lot of mad looking faces happening, so I was quick to put everyone back. But not before I took a chance to dust the vintage runoff shelf since all the dolls were off it. Then I moved everyone back. (Pulling aside someone to give their clothes a washing. For people who never do anything they certainly manage to get quite dirty.) Since I still had Charlotte's shelf empty I dusted there too. And I couldn't stop there, I also pulled everyone off the vintage shelf, dusted that too, as well as fixing some people's hair that had gotten mussed. After that I also dusted and organized the Japanese doll shelf. That's where I stopped. Those are the easiest shelves to dust, so they're the ones I normally do. I put Charlotte's shelf back in order and I was done dusting, the ones I did look good though.
It was after that I got around to doing some sewing... mod sewing... ugh... enough said. This project is literally like pulling teeth, maybe this is why I didn't collect anything mod for the longest? I spent a good chunk of today doing more research, which still has yet to lead to anything. I did however think of something that I kinda liked, so I drafted a pattern, which lead to a muslin practice piece, which lead to another, which lead to... a tangled pile of fabric. While I kind of like the pattern, I just don't have any mod fabric that really makes it work. Up until this point I've been working with 50's era clothing mainly, and my fabric stash reflects that. So this foray into Mod fashion is really frustrating, I just don't have the resources handy. Not to mention the grasp on the fashion like I do for the 50's. Not having the right fabric is made even worse because last week I was actually looking for mod type fabric but ended up empty handed. So I stopped sewing, I guess I shouldn't be forcing myself to make stuff when I'm not really feeling it. Whenever I do that I never end up with anything, just a mess and a headache. Oh well, tomorrow's another day, right?

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