Sunday, February 20, 2011

Set is Aside Sunday happened today! Even though I wasn't planning it!

Yes, it's true, "Set is Aside Sunday" made a grand reappearance after I announced it's retirement from the Blog. The weird thing is, it was totally by accident, and not at all planned, it would do that to shut me up.
I started off today lazy, doing nothing, although I have stopped playing video games. I guess my tolerance for that has been reached. I go though phases like that where I want to play for days, then stop for long periods of time. Last time I went though something like that I played the Sims over and over again, haven't touched it for months. I did manage to do some sewing, but nothing even remotely fun. My father needed his pants mended, again. One of the pockets had separated from the lining, and there were several holes in the pockets themselves. He actually gave them to me yesterday, but I didn't get around to fixing them. Since he needs them for work on Monday night, I made sure I got around to getting them fixed. The holes in the pockets were simple fixes, each hole was in the corner, so I was able to just sew them and make a new pocket bottom. The hole on the pocket was a little trickier, but I managed to do it, although I did manage to bend the needle. Luckily it wasn't permanently bent, but I probably should get some new sewing needles, it's been a long time since I replaced them.
After I returned his pants to him, I was asked by my father to help cut more pallets, fun, right? I told him that I would help him after lunch (It was lunchtime when he asked me). So that's what I did. I really threw myself into getting it done, and have the cuts and splinters to show from it. I also managed to twist my ankle slightly, but it wasn't anything serious, doesn't even hurt now. After that I went and played around online. Looking over at a fashion site I visit I saw a photo from Prada's most recent collection. Here's the link in case you're interested; Prada 2011 Fall Collection . Now some of these clothing is a little "bold" for real women, but they really spoke to me for Barbie, they just had that look, ya know, a little too matchy, matchy, which fits Barbie in my opinion. One that really spoke to me was the green pea coat with the heart buttons. (How cute is that coat?) It just read very mod to me, so I set out to make one. I had to find a pattern first, luckily I had one on my computer. Unfortunately for me, it seems it was designed for felt... ew. I don't like using felt in my sewing, it just looks so amateurish. I mean I have used it, someone's wearing a felt vest right now, but it's not ideal, especially not for the vintage shelf. So I decided to not use that pattern, it didn't help that I was having the hardest time figuring out how it went together, so it was an easy skip. Instead I turned to the internet to find a doll sized sewing pattern for a pea coat. (OMG, how much do I want a pea coat for myself? Sorry, super random) I found one for a larger sized doll, but with some resizing, I at least had the basics for a pea coat. I made a quick muslin, and tweaked the pattern, like I usually do. The one I had was a bit short for what I wanted, I wanted a jacket that would cover the entire doll, modestly. And so I made it. I decided to make it out of that bold red calico that I've been drawn to all week. It came out really nice, especially since it was second time I was making it, and since I had adapted the pattern right before. I really liked it. To finish it, I put three snaps on it, making sure to hide the threads on the front since it's lined in the front. After that I added the classic four buttons on the front. Interesting note about buttons, they came from my Great-Grandmother. My mother had a tin full of white buttons that my Great-Grandmother had collected up. She got it when she passed away in 1983 (before I was born), and recently she passed it down to me. Even though the buttons are a little large for the scale I usually go for, I just wanted to use them. It's the little touches that makes things special, I guess. Besides, this is just for my own enjoyment.
Anyway, with the jacket finished it was time to figure out what she was going to wear underneath it. Even though the jacket covers her fully, I still didn't want any flasher like moments going on. My girls are modest if anything. I wanted one of my turtlenecks to go underneath the jacket, since I liked that look, but I didn't want to have to make one, so I looked though the bags of spare clothing. That's when I found the sleeveless one I made a while back. You may remember if from "Finish it up Friday", I made it for Momoko, but it fit Barbie better. Now I finally found a way to use it! Love it when things work out like that, guess those Friday themes really do have a purpose. It's great because the lack of sleeves is great because they don't interfere with the coat. For the skirt she got a short simple one that I made yesterday, but didn't tell you about. It was going to be for a different attempt at mod, but this idea came up and I liked it better. I also finished it yesterday, and since it's so short you actually can't see in under the coat, but she still has something on. After that I wanted to give her some white tights, but decided to not use the ones I made yesterday, they need some work. Luckily I had a pair of long white Barbie socks that give the appearance of stockings. I think they are from Charlotte's Halloween costume, before I made the tights for it. Anyway they were done, and quickly added to the outfit. Man it was a pain pulling them up her legs, but they're on, and are going to stay. Looking over the outfit with the coat I felt it needed some accessories. So I added a belt. It's just a simple bit of ribbon with a bra strap slider, tied in the back. I was going to make one with a snap, but then I found this one that was already fray checked on the end, and realized, I don't need to sew on a snap, I can just tie it. And her outfit was done, completed without a single stitch having to be sewn today. Love it when things work out like that. With that done, it was time to style the outfit. I added a red purse that I got at Christmas, as well as some red sunglasses. I also gave her a pair of red squishy Mattel loafers for shoes. And boom, I had a Mod doll dressed! When it was all over I took the pictures, then took all the red clothes off to colorfast them. Talking Barbie here probably though I was pulling a Charlotte and stealing her clothes to give to someone else. She couldn't be more wrong! I was just making sure they didn't stain her, since she's going to be wearing them for a while! I do like how they came out, what do you guys think? Pretty good for something I wasn't even planning 8 hours ago, right?

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