Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sewing on a Saturday!

I got a lot done today, which was really nice. Last night I decided what I was going to work on today, so that helped a lot. I guess part of my problem is when I waffle on what to do, and I end up spending a good chunk of time just thinking about what I wanted to do, compared to actually doing it. Since I had decided already, I was able to sit myself down and just get down to work.

I started off with the Kimono for the Christmas bubblecut. It's only fair, I mean out of all of the dolls that I got for Christmas she's the only one that I had an idea/materials for. It was time to make it and like it, or make it and move on. Lately she's been wearing the yellow kimono I made the other day, so she certainly looked nice in the style, I just had to decide if she looked good in the fabric that I picked for her. So I started in on the actual kimono. I was able to skip making her some underclothes, since I had made those the previous day. It went together pretty easily, although there was some odd gathers at the neckline that I don't usually get. I didn't bother to fix it because they're really not that noticeable. Plus I didn't discover them until I was almost finished and didn't want to tear out all my work. Other than that, it was another simple kimono. I got it all finished and all of the seams reinforced.

After that I moved on to an obi. At this point I have more kimonos than obis, so I needed another one, besides the only two that I have are red, which wouldn't work for a mainly red kimono. Using the fabric as a guide I decided to make a yellow obi. There's some minor yellow color in this fabric, and using yellow for the obi would make it "pop" as well as keep it somewhat matching. It came out pretty easy. Doll obi's are pretty simple, it's all rectangles and tubes of fabric. I think that this one came out much better than my first one, so I think I've mastered doll obis! Or at least mastered how I do them, although it's pretty similar construction to how rement did it on the obi I have that they made.

Overall what do you think? I really like it. It came out much better than I was expecting, especially since I envisioned it in my head before I found the fabric, and you know how dangerous that can be. I really like how the yellow obi works with the fabric too. I think this is what she's going to be wearing for a while. All that she needs now is some sort of hair decoration, as well as another shoe. She's going to be stuck wearing one until I get some money. Unless someone out there has one they're willing to trade for? I have kimonos for trade! But seriously, I really like how this came out, I'm even thinking about what to do with the rest of the fabric. I don't have a lot left, but it's just screaming to be made into another garden party style dress, including using more yellow for a belt/bow. It's like, literally yelling at me. I just have to see if I have enough, so you might see it again in another application.

After that I moved onto another project for the day, Joe's kimono. I thought about working on it last night, but I really just wanted to focus and get the bubblecut's kimono done first. While I like working for Joe, he doesn't need a kimono, he has a lot of options out there to pick from. Also I was stalling since I had to adapt the pattern. He can actually wear the same kimono as Barbie (don't tell her that), and the only issue is that it's really tight in the shoulders and underarms. Originally I was going to ignore it and not even deal with it today, but then I saw another male doll men's kimono pattern that I had. It was sewn up differently than the one I use, but I just used it for a sizing guide. The only really difference was that it was slightly wider than the one I was using. So I added a 1/2 inch to my pattern. I also lengthened the sleeve pattern, easy-peasy. And I made my first test piece. Okay, not really a test one, but one made out of the white calico. He's going to need a juban too, and I'm not willing to waste my patterned fabric on something that might not come out. It came out well, although a bit wide. I ended up taking off 1/4 of an inch from each side. Other than that it was pretty much perfect. Sleeves hit the right spot, it was big enough to fit without being too wide, and while it was too short for a real kimono, it worked for a juban. So I finished it off. I also monogrammed the letter "J" on it, so I can easily tell it's Joe's compared to Barbie's. The bubblecut also has a "B" on her petticoat since it's made for the vintage doll's waist compared to the modern doll's. And boom, there's a juban for a man, so who knows who will get one next. I just know that I'm going to need more white calico before too long. This kimono project has really made a dent in what I have.

Next it was time to move on and make the actual kimono for him. I started off with the blue fabric that I bought recently. I'm going to make the other one too, I just wanted to start off with the blue one since I found that fabric first. Also I did like it a little better than the brown/tan, so I was more interested in making it. And so I did. I had some issue since the pattern went up and down, compared to left to right, so I had a difficult time cutting it out. This was the pre-cut half yard that was slightly overpriced. Other than that it came out pretty easily. No horror stories about odd gathering with this one. And he got an obi too! Although his was just a bit of left over fabric tube from the Bubblecut's that I added a snap to in the back. Pretty handsome right? Oh Joe, you are my American Hero.

So that's what I got done today, what do you think? Glad I finally got those projects completed. Who knows what's next for these dolls?


  1. Wow! You got a lot done on saturday. The christmas Bubblecut looks great in red, I also love joes white kimono with the lil J and his blue one too you have done such a great job!

  2. I'm glad you like what I got done. I think Joe is more pleased with his little J than anyone else!