Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping on a Friday? That's new

No finish it up Friday again this week, I'm sure by next week I'll get back to the routine of things, but right now I'm still taking it slow. I have a bit of a head thing going on, I'm blaming the weather that's going on, but I could be lying. Either way I'm still feeling a little "fuzzy".
I however, did not let my sickness keep me from going out shopping, very few things would keep me from going shopping if given the chance. Especially since I had a few things I needed to get. So I started off today at Hobby Lobby like usual. I wanted to get some black flannel, I've decided that would be the best thing to make Joe's pea coat from. It has the look and feel of wool, but none of the bulk, also I needed to pick up some more white and red calico, since the kimono projects and the pea coats projects have made a pretty sizable dent in each of them. Boy, was I in for a shock. Sometime recently the price of fabric at Hobby Lobby went up, a dollar per yard! What used to be 2.99 a yard was now 3.99 a yard, I couldn't believe it. I was seriously flabbergasted over that huge price jump, I mean it was a 33% markup! It's needless to say that I left there empty handed. I'm really growing more and more disenchanted with Hobby Lobby. With this big price increase, their lackluster fabric, and that there's never anyone to help in the fabric department I'm really not enjoying my time in there. It sucks that they're the only real game in town, but lately I haven't been buying anything there. This price jump may be the final nail in the coffin for them. Before I used to go in and get some stuff, and pick up a few more things, just because I might need them, but now I'm going to have to be really careful with what I buy there since my dollar don't go as far, even thought nothing else has changed to justify the price jump.
But I didn't come home empty handed. At this point if I didn't get something new I would have cried, yes I am that spoiled. It's just that it's been so long since I got anything new, sewing wise. The last time I bought any fabric was on the first, 24 days ago! Can you believe it? It's shocking, especially since I've been fabric shopping several times since then, just never found anything that I wanted or liked. Anyway, Walmart was a bust too, but I was expecting that. They don't have much of a fabric section, and nothing new for toys, not that I'm looking to buy any toys, I just like looking and seeing what they have in stock. As of right now, I can't think of any new toys that I'm waiting for, anything that I'm seeking I'm more than willing to wait for them to trickle down to the second hand stores (The monster high line) before I get them. I will admit Gloom Beach Frankie is really cute, and if I was to get one from a store I'd pick her. But I'm sure if it was meant to be, I'll find her later and cheaper.
Anyway, on to what I got today, it was over at the Dollar Tree, where everything is a dollar. Not like those cheaters at the Dollar General, where everything is in increments of a dollar. I like dollar stores, not discount stores pretending to be dollar stores. Anyway, while there I picked up a mini camera tripod. I saw this a few weeks ago when I was there, but I couldn't remember if the camera I use had the connector thing on it. I checked and it did, so I could get it and at least see if it would work. I'm hoping having a tripod will help me take better pictures, it would at least stabilize them, right? Make them less blurry? We'll see, hopefully it works, but if not it's only a dollar spent. But right, sewing I said I got sewing stuff. Well I got a couple of t-shirts, one for me (cream colored), one for my father (yellow), and one to use for doll clothing (low hue turquoise blue...ish). I just liked it's coloring, thought it would be interesting to make some clothes out of it. I also bought a pair of socks, brown ones. Once again for doll clothes. It's got a very interesting design at the top, which I think would look really cool as a winter "sweater" for Joe. I just have to break down and draft a pattern for it. So that's what I got today, very disappointed in Hobby Lobby, but glad I was able to get something that I wanted. No pea coat for Joe, but he still gets a sweater. Now I just have to make the darn thing... it's always something with me!

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