Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A total wipe out of white calico...

Well, you people left me hanging. Nobody responded to yesterday's post telling me what to sew on my Wednesday that I'm free to sew. So, with tears in my eyes I stumbled into my sewing space, put my head on my desk and promptly sobbed for hours. I need guidance people, guidance!
Just kidding! I didn't shed a single tear, so don't feel bad. I also didn't do anything with the fabric that I bought yesterday, unless folding it and putting it away counts as something. So overall you should feel neutral about all that. But fear not, I did manage to get some sewing done, a lot actually, but it was mostly mindless churn stuff out sewing. Not the creative, fun, enjoyable sewing that I enjoy doing, but it's a necessary evil in my life.
I started off making a few more jubans today. Since I'm planning on making a number of kimonos in the next couple of weeks I needed to make some more to go under them. I'm trying to keep the ratio of kimonos to jubans pretty even. It would be so annoying to have twenty kimonos and only two jubens to go around (Not that I'm planning on making twenty kimonos!). So today I cut two out at the same time, and just assembly lined them. I did try to tweak the pattern to make it more like a real kimono should be, but it didn't really work, so I had to rip out my stitches and fix it. It was a pretty simple fix, so I was able to salvage it, and not have to make another one. At least I didn't try it with a real kimono and risk wasting more expensive patterned fabric compared to white calico. With those done I made two petticoats next. Originally when I made the first one, I wasn't planning to make more so I didn't bother drafting a pattern, silly me. So I drafted one today, but I made it too big. The petticoats were actually too wide, and easily slid over the hips, which is bad. So I make a dart on the side to keep it on the doll. This is actually even more beneficial because now it fits better on the vintage doll since her hips are much smaller than Charlotte's.
Next I moved on to making Joe a pair of white shorts to use as his undergarments for his kimono. I looked up what men wear under their kimonos and while I forget the actual details, I do remember that it would be really hard to make in doll scale. So instead I made a pair of white shorts for him to wear under it. I used the pants pattern from the other day, and just shortened them. They came out pretty easy, but pants rarely give me that much trouble. When I finished their sewing on the machine and went and finished them by hand. When they were all done I set them so that they would have a pleat in the front. I'm sure it won't stay, and will never be seen, but I'm just experimenting with it. Besides, my dolls are classy, they have pleated underwear.
I also finished off the juben and the petticoats, reinforcing seams and gluing the ribbons edges. I forget how long it takes me to just finish stuff, but it's over and done with. As of now I have four finished jubens, three petticoats, and two actual kimonos. Originally one of the juben's was going to be Joe's since he will need one for his kimono, but after finishing it and trying it on, I'm going to need to adapt the pattern. It was really tight at the shoulders. Much too tight, I was afraid it was going to tear. So luckily I didn't start making his actual kimono, or else it would have been a waste of fabric. I can still use the juben I made for Barbie. Actually at this point when I've made all the kimonos that I'm planning I will only have four. And right now, that is the exact number of jubens that I have, I don't need to make anymore! Still need to make another petticoat though. But that can wait for another day, enough white calico today.
With that set aside I started to work on my vintage Ken's outfit. I want to get that done and squared away. I have so many projects up in the air, I would to be able to put one of them away, besides I'm halfway done, might as well keep working for the finished product. So I worked on the jacket first. I redid the bottom hem and finished it. I also finished off the collar when I realized I don't really like it, it's not looking as nice as I would like it to. I think that I might redo the collar, but I didn't bother yet today, it can wait. I did however reinforce the sleeve seams, so when I do finish the collar, it will be done! Next I changed my attention over to the shirt, since it's not done either. I hemmed one side in the back and reinforced the seams in the underarms. Then I realized, it's got a really weird fit. I don't think that I'll be able to get it to close in the back, so I gave up. I tweaked the pattern and made it again. This one came out much better, although there's still some fit issues. I got all the way to adding a snap before I called it quits for the day. Pretty impressive for a day that I wasn't planning on being so productive?
But seriously, anyone want to recommend which project I should work on next? You have until Saturday to respond, since that's the next time I'll be sewing.
Hope to hear from someone!


  1. Are you a fan of harajuku? why not make an outfit for charlotte or one of your other dolls based on the harajuka style. You could also make some sandals with ribbon straps to go with your kimono's and little socks too. You could make salior suit for one of your dolls like on for a girl doll and one for a boy doll.
    Hope you have a good time sewing and i hope these idea's helped i will be sewing tomorrow too so i will be thinking of you! Good nightx

  2. I had to look up harajuku, it's certainly a creative genre, I may have to see what I can do with it.
    And yes, sailor suits, always a love of mine. I made a few a while back, not sure if I ever shared them on the blog...