Thursday, February 17, 2011

Typewriter Tuesday gets done... somewhat

Well, I actually opened up the word document today, isn't that exciting? I mist admit I did stall a bit before getting to that point, but I did get to that point, so that's a good thing. Originally I was going to work on a different section that what I have been, but I wasn't feeling it. So I went back and worked on "Meeting room Chat", which is where I have been working. I shouldn't jump around really, right now I'm at a point where each section is building on top of each other to the conclusion. So I should respect that and not just jump around. So I worked on the correct section, getting about 1.5 pages done. Then I got stuck and stopped. Even though it's short of my two page goal, I'm fine with it. Lately will all my struggles I'm happy when something even comes close to being successful. I know that next Tuesday when I come back to it, I'll have had a big chunk of time to think about what I want to say, and be more able to commit more to the page. This isn't anything but me taking a mental break to think though a story section, nothing more.
After declaring that done I did nothing for the rest of the day. Which felt nice, I know that I say I don't do anything lots of day, but that's usually when I'm ignoring something else I should be doing, this was different. This was me saying that I wasn't going to do anything, and just do something fun. I ended up playing video games, something I really haven't done in a while. I mean a few weeks ago I played that game my sister got me for Christmas, but only once. Today I sat down with the video game "Fable" and played it for several hours. Which was fun because I didn't have to deal with not having the right fabrics, and not having the right patterns. I've played and completed this game before so today I started a new profile in it. The cool thing about this game is that you can either be good or evil. My original game I was good, this one I was evil, which means I steal everything that's not nailed down and kill anyone I can. I will admit that even when I'm good, I'm usually a bit of a kleptomaniac in video games. I just want it all. But that's how I spent my day, being evil. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
No P.J. today, no mail at all in fact, weird.

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