Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, kinda successful...

Well, Typewriter Thursday didn't start off like it should, didn't end like it should either. Turns out today was a shopping day, and I was certainly in need of going. So I just skipped on writing altogether, bad I know. Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to focus on writing in the morning I actually spent the time cleaning. I managed to clean off my sewing desk to a point where I can actually see most of it. I can't tell you the last time I actually had it this clean. I'd take pictures, but the rest of my room is still a mess. Maybe it time I'll get it clean enough to take pictures, but I wouldn't count on it. Whenever I finish up one project there's always three more laying around that I need to get to next.
But, my desk is clean, for a change, although once I start working on projects again, it's going to get messy again, fast. Anyway, I stopped cleaning for lunch, and after lunch it was time to go out shopping! The goal of this trip was mod, mod, mod. I was searching for fabric for both my current talking Barbie, as well as for the new P.J. that's due to arrive sometime next week (I assume). I started my search at Hobby Lobby, like usual. And was severely disappointed. I really could not find anything that worked for mod. It's super frustrating because this was a chance to use all those cool big prints that I always see, but can't use. But at Hobby Lobby I couldn't even find something I liked. I found a couple of fabrics that were kind of mod, but for 6.99 a yard, I didn't want something that was "close", I'd want something perfect. I kind of wonder if it's just the fact that I've seen everything at Hobby Lobby, I mean beyond the seasonal stuff, everything there's pretty much the same as it's been for a while. Not a whole lot of turnaround. Does anyone know if they ever like, "refresh" the fabric section with like the next season stuff? I just wish there was another option for fabric locally. I guess I should just be patient. Once I move to NYC, I'll have lots more fabric stores at my fingertips. Although I won't have any money, or a sewing machine, so it's a real catch 22. Oh well, can't think about that now. Walmart didn't have anything that was really mod in their fat quarter section either. I found something that I was kind of interested in, but I put it back. I wasn't that interested in it, I didn't leave there empty handed though. I got another spool of yellow thread. I'm super duper close to being out of it, and whenever that happens that's the one color that I need to use time, and time again. Like almost every project I was doing needed yellow, it was so annoying! Now, I have some so I don't have that issue!
But I didn't leave the shopping trip with just yellow thread, I did manage to go into the Christian Second Hand store (it is close to Hobby Lobby after all). First off, they redid their craft section, all of their sewing patterns are gone, which is fine by me since they didn't have anything interesting. Nothing for dolls or men. They also had some new fabrics, but once again, nothing mod. Over in the toy section was something different. They actually had some plastic bags full of Barbies for 3.00. Which was cool, but they were all newer dolls that I had no desire or need for. But they also had a bad full of random doll clothes and shoes, for 6.00. Not sure why it was twice the price, but I felt like I needed to get it. I didn't know how many pairs of shoes were in there, but I had to risk it. When I got into the car I opened the bag to match shoes. Turns out in that bag there were only 4 pairs of regular Barbie shoes. There were also 3 pairs of Bratz shoes, and 3 pairs of myscene shoes. The rest of them were all solo shoes without matches. I was able to match up three of those solo shoes with ones that I had in my spare shoe bag. One was a real match, one was a close match, and the last was a "It looks fine from a distance of 20 feet" match. I've since listed the bratz shoes and the myscene shoes over on the show and sell page because I don't need the myscene ones, and I don't have any bratz dolls. Hopefully they will sell. The clothing in the bag was an odd lot. Mostly Barbie, but there was some Ken as well as some larger dolls clothing. The larger clothes actually fit a doll I had, which as great, she needed more options. For Barbie I got, a nice pair of jeans, a nice tan shorts, pajama pants, some shirts, and some dresses. Not everything is going into the collection, but some of it is. It was a surprisingly good purchase!

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