Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Admitting defeat is a terrible taste...

Well, I finished "Mommie Dearest" last night, staying up until midnight to do so. It felt good to read again, I hadn't read a real book since December. It's not that I didn't want to read, but I just didn't have anything to read. That said, I'm glad to have read it, it was certainly interesting, made me appreciate my own family more, plus now I can brag about having read it at cocktail parties.
My morning was spent trying to make the bureau fit in my room. I even took all the vintage dolls off the media bookcase and tried to put them on top of it to see if I could get them to move onto it. If I could do that I could replace the media bookshelf with the Barbie clothes plastic drawers that had been displaced by the bureau. But we all had a long talk and they really didn't want to move from the small bookcase. I was sad to hear that, but I had to agree with them. I like having all of the collection relatively close. I don't like having a few dolls scattered around all over, I like having them all together, so when I look at them, I can see all of them. I'm sure my roommates will appreciate that. I couldn't really picture myself using dolls as a decorative element. Yes, it's true that Charlotte gets Holiday inspired clothes, but that's really for my personal amusement. She generally just hangs out in my room. But anyway, getting off on another tangent, I had to face facts that this bureau was simple too big for my room, sad but true. So I opted to move it downstairs to the dining room to replace another table that was down there. This has another good point because we now have a place to store some of our dining room related things that we didn't before. Plus, my Mom liked it. So overall, it's still a good purchase for the house, it just stinks that I couldn't get to use it in my room. I'm glad that we were able to use it, compared to wasting 14.99. That would have been a pretty decent start to saving up for Kyu! (Although, my parents would have been more likely to spend the money on the bureau compared to the doll.)
Speaking of Kyu, today was the day that pre-orders could officially start for them. "Black Wednesday" as Terri Gold called it. It seems like he was a popular guy today, just for curiosity sake I poked though some doll stores that carried him. I didn't see him in stock in any store. I saw a few places carried the more expensive male dolls, but he was always out of stock. And you know what? I'm sort of okay about it. I mean, I still want him, and I'm still going to try and save up money for him, but now that the initial disappointment is over, I'm dealing with it. I mean, he's got several months before he even gets released, people are bound to cancel their pre-orders or whatnot, and even not maybe someone will sell me one at cost. But even if I never get him, it's not that big of a deal, a minor disappointment. Also I should point out, who knows what will happen between the prototype photos and the production run dolls. Many times the doll will be very different from the photos, I know I've fallen out of love after I saw real life photos of them. Case in point, the first Sookie dolls, I loved the prototype photos and really wanted one, but when I saw the actual dolls, she wasn't the same. Who knows, I may end up greatful that I don't have one. We'll see.
But since I was on the mindset of Integrity I decided to play around with Vanessa. She's kind of gotten a raw deal since she came here. After she was dressed she got stuck over on the shelf (Charlotte's shelf, so it's a good shelf at least.) . We kind of didn't bond like I had hoped. With her coloring it was so hard to make an outfit for her, much less outfits. Also with her skin tone she was stuck on a regular BB body, and I was so spoiled with flexibility. Luckily the new Barbie Basics line coming out has a fashionista type body with a pale skin tone, so she might get an upgrade! That day cannot come soon enough, maybe she'll get a new lease on life then. Anyway I decided to play around with her hair. I ended up giving her a higher ponytail, there's really not much you can do with her hair, but I really like how this looked. it gave her a bit more of a playful feeling. Playful I can work with. I was actually even thinking about making her another outfit! I guess I'll never learn. I didn't get any work on it done today since I needed to prepare some materials. Maybe Vanessa will get a second outfit, I don't know. I do know however that I managed to lose her necklace. I'm not too upset over it because I know it's in the room somewhere, and if I managed to really lose it, I can always make another, I did make it in the first place. I just hope I find it, because it was a pain to make in the first place. Either way it will have to wait, I still have a ton of re-organizing to do with the addition and removal of the bureau. Maybe it will turn up then?
Finger's crossed!

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