Monday, March 28, 2011

All over the place this Monday!

Monday's really seem to work in terms of my writing. I managed to get another page and a half done in the section I'm working on. I didn't get two full pages because I still need some more mental planning on the section. I feel that there needs to be a bit more personal dialogue for Princess Rosebud. So I'm letting myself think about that and getting back to it Thursday. I did figure out a way for them to get out of the room, and I think it's actually a pretty decent solution. Nothing too grandiose, but still has plenty of meaning to the reader, if they read between the lines.
I was lucky to get my writing done in the morning, because I went out shopping in the afternoon. It was another dry shopping trip for the dolls. I however picked up a few personal hygiene products (like I'm sure you were dying to know that!). I was planning on picking up a few snaps since I'm close to running out, but we didn't go to Walmart plus money was tight. I'm sure that I'll have enough to last the week, and if not I think I have some clothes that I can steal them from, but to even get to that point I'd have to sew a lot more than usual. I'm sure I will be fine. In an interesting note I saw another Barbie clone for sale when I was out. They had them in the small toy section in Bottom Dollar. These were a lot like the ones I saw last week, but they had better legs. They were blown plastic compared to solid, but at least she didn't look like she was going to snap a ankle just from walking. She also came dressed differently, and with boots compared to t-strap shoes. They boots were really cheap and terrible looking, so I didn't even think about getting one. It's just nice to see clone dolls in barbie size, I guess the Bratz doll reign of terror is waning.
At home I sat around trying to think of something to occupy my time. I ended up going back though the box of dolls that I'm still thinking about keeping from the Blue Box. I looked though the Kelly dolls that were in there. Right now in my collection there's only two, Kelly and Tommy. I'm not a huge fan of child dolls, but these two were Charlotte's kids, when she went though her Mommy phase. Plus they were a Christmas present from my parents, in a really sweet story, so they have a spot in my heart, and I just had to keep them. They are over on Charlotte's shelf, sitting near Ashley. But there were several Kelly dolls in the pile that I was still thinking about keeping or not. I pulled out a Tommy doll and decided to donate him, I don't need a second one, plus he had a nose nip, so maybe someone else will want him. I also decided to donate a Hispanic Kelly that I think came in the dentist set? way back when. I'm not sure why I even thought about keeping her, I never really played with her, she was just there. Still have to dress and rewash them, but until then, they're just kicking around. That left me with three Kelly dolls still on the fence. Two of those dolls were actually ones that I had for a while, ones that technically had a family like Kelly and Tommy. During Charlotte's Mommy phase I made a couple families. I think I only made three, and out of that three only two had children. I think this whole phase predates Ashley, because she doesn't have a family, and I can't see myself excluding her. One family was Mary Clair (Ballerina Barbie) and Micheal (from yesterday's post), they had two Kelly sized kids, Sally and ...unnamed. Those were two of the dolls that were still in the maybe keep pile, so I decided that since I hate tearing up families they were going to stay, even though I'm not in love with them. Besides, they're just two little dolls, not like they're huge dolls. So I cleaned them up and redressed them. Unnamed's face is a little stained, so I guess she's going to be always dirty. I think that I'm going to stick them on the Japanese doll shelf (Which is where I place all the short dolls since it's shorter than all the other shelves). I think I might tuck them in the back because I really don't care if I see them as often as the other dolls that I really like. I'm still on the fence about a couple dolls in the pile, mostly the two Barbies. There's reason to keep both of them, but I'm not a fan of either of them. They have the Mackie facemold, and I don't really like it. There's actually no dolls in the collection with that face, the closed mouth smile reads kind of fake to me, but that's just my opinion. I know lots of people who love it. So they are still very on the fence.
After I was done with Sally and unnamed, I did a few mundane things. Cleaned the room a bit, updated my index card pile, and played video games. I also tried to stay warm, it was plenty cold today. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer. Still trying to think about what to sew, hopefully something will come to me, or else tomorrow's going to be another slow day.

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