Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another day gone bye!

Warm weather seems to have hit North Carolina recently, and with it I found all of my creativity just sucked out of me. My lackluster creativity pause isn't helped by the fact that I really can't think of anything I want to sew. I'm still reeling from how quickly I was able to make the regency dress. I was expecting that to take a few days, compared to just one. So I took a break from sewing I guess. I didn't bother trying to make something to just make something because whenever I do that whatever I makes usually comes out terrible, and it's just a waste of my energy, time, and resources.
But before I came to that conclusion, I did try to work on some sewing, focusing my free time to get someone off the redress list. I picked my Asian Integrity Toys doll. She's been literally sitting on the bookshelf naked, waiting to get dressed, for like several months. Can I talk about these Integrity Toys dolls for a bit? I got her several years back at Walmart in Connecticut. This was before I know much about Fashion Royalty, and just really liked her face. I bought her, which was good because I've never seen another one like her, usually they just make African American dolls. I like those too, I have two of those. They're not perfect, their faces are amazing, but their bodies are terrible. Their legs are really thick and they don't have ankles. This doll I switched to a BB body. (The neck joint isn't a perfect fit, so she's got a really long neck, but it's still really pretty.) The other two I have yet to find a matching skin tone to swap them to, but overall, while I like these dolls, they're not my favorite. But I'm going off on a tangent.
So today I put Charlotte away, pulled out this doll and waited for her to tell me what she wanted to wear. And she never did! What is it with Integrity where all their dolls are very quiet when it comes to their clothing? It's like they expect me to know what they want without telling me. It's very annoying, and so far has happened with everyone of them that I have, right now only two of them are dressed, the other two are full time nudists.
So, even with her in hand all I managed to do was trim off 1/8 of an inch from the bottom of her hair. That's another issue with these doll, their hair is really poor quality. The ends of her hair has split and tangled so badly that I couldn't even get a brush to pass though it. So snip, snip time.
But that's all I did with her, so I ask you dear readers, how would you dress her? I am dying for suggestions from all of you, because I honestly have no idea how to dress her. So please, feel free to add some of your ideas under the comment section. And before I forget, Michelle, I actually did the outfit suggestion that you suggested for Vanessa way back when, but with her coloring it didn't come out at all like I envisioned it, and I didn't post anything about it. So I apologize for that, hope it doesn't keep you from posing in here.
Suggestions anyone?


  1. You could dress her like she is a kick-ass CEO for a worldwide famous company so she would wear high high heels, high fashion garments pencil skirts work dresses shirts blouses trench coats and that gorgeous coat you made for charlotte. Sorry for the late reply I've been busy (vomiting, alot.)

  2. It's fine that you didn't get to reply quickly, I hope you're feeling better. And I really like your idea, I'm going to have to work on it.

  3. Oh I fully understand. I've had the same thing happen when I've sewn. I need to get back to sewing. I miss the relaxing part of it, when I'm not getting fed up over a stitch not working right or whatnot. Sewing can be so bittersweet. As for this young lass, I've got nothing. These girls do not scream at you "MAKE THIS FOR ME!!!" I have like 4 of these girls and one of the guys. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE their faces but HATE HATE HATEEEEE their bodies!!! Ahhhhh!!! Hope you finally got an idea for this gal. I know whatever you choose will be awesome. :-)

  4. It is relaxing sometimes, sometimes it's like pulling teeth. Yeah she's still waiting for some clothes, she's once again on the back burner. I only have three girls. I've actually never seen one of their guys in person, if I had I would have bought one.
    And I hope your confidence in my fashion choices are worth it. ;)