Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another day wasted...

Well, Sunday passed pretty slowly. I sat around for most of the day, I wish I had used my time better than that, but I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do. I just don't have any sewing projects to do. It's weird, I can't think of anything I want to make right now, which would be fine, except that I like having a project that I'm working on. When I don't have one I get a little frustrated and annoyed. And then I sew something just to sew, which never ends well and I end up frustrated and with wasted supplies, case in point today.
Since I couldn't think of anything I really wanted to do, I decided to work more on Vanessa's second outfit. She's been wearing the skirt and the partial jacket since I gave up on it last week. I decided to make her a black blouse just so she had the variety. I ended up changing part of it midway though, but got it almost completed. That's when I realized something, I had just made an exact replica of the jacket she's wearing usually. It's a little different since it's a different pattern, but still really close. I was so mad, I could have just used her original jacket and not made anything. I thought about tearing out the sleeves and making those different, but at that point I didn't feel like looking at it anymore, besides the sleeves were already set and finished and I would hate to have to tear those out again. So I just threw it into the "to be finished box", maybe they'll see the light of day again, I just know it won't be today.
After that I looked around my my patterns to see if I had a simple sheath dress pattern. I want one to have in my arsenal to use for whatever. With my penchant for adapting patterns I think a good basic sheath would be a real asset. Unfortunately I don't have a pattern like that handy, it's weird how hard it is to find one. Eventually I found one, although it wasn't exactly how I wanted it, but close enough. I made a quick muslin, but then I moved onto my real test. I decided to make one using that fake snakeskin fabric that I bought a while back, fully lined for Vanessa. It went together okay, it had some issues. After the majority of the sewing was done I tried it on her, there was some major fit issues going on. I worked hard to deal with them, but I couldn't overcome them. Once again something I made for Vanessa went into the "to be finished box". I'm thinking that Vanessa needs to be banished again from being a fit model. For some reason, nothing ever comes out when I'm using her for a model. From all that I've made on her, the skirt was the only thing that's come out, and there's a lot of fails with her. I guess I'm going to have to go back to Charlotte when I make her clothes, not that that's a big deal, just a little annoying that Vanessa is so difficult for me to work with. Oh well, lesson learned, I just hope tomorrow is better than today, for real.

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