Thursday, March 3, 2011

A busy, busy Thursday

Had a few unhappy dreams last night about a certain someone I wish I could forget, or if I can't have that, I wish they would just leave my dreams alone, however in spite of that, "Typewriter Thursday" went... pretty smoothly. I started off working where I had left off the last time, and just couldn't get into it. I worked on and stared at the document for about a half hour before I gave up. I wasn't liking anything that I was writing. There's no real point writing something knowing that eventually I'm just going to go back and basically rewrite it. Even after I threw in the towel for that section I really wasn't ready to stop writing. I still wanted to work on it, but in a different section. So I did that. And yes, I know that just last week I said that I shouldn't be doing that, but, honestly, I contradict myself a lot, if you're reading this you should know that by now. But anyway I worked on "Jadillo cookout", getting two pages done there. I was rolling along pretty quick, thinking that I had written some pretty decent stuff already (even though I was re-writing most of it), when bam! I hit some really patchy writing. I forgot that I had gone back a while ago and rewritten the first part of the section, but I didn't finish my rewrite, so I ended up in was very rough draft format. I'm not even joking when I say this, I think it's the third thing that I wrote for this book, back when I started over a year ago now. I wrote this starting in the middle, then wrote the end, then Jadillo cookout, it was only then that this actually seemed to be a bit of a larger story and I went back to the beginning to write it. I forgot how choppy my story started out as. Right now "Jadillo Cookout" is a four page document, but the last two pages are really brief and could use a lot of expansion. Not sure how far it's going to end up being, but that's something to deal with Monday, although I need to work on "Meeting Room Chat" a bit first, we're getting close to finishing that, and I would love to be able to move past it. I think part of my trouble getting into it was based on how I've skipped a few writing days. Now that I'm back into the "swing" of things, it should be a little easier. We will find out about that Monday.
When I was done writing I wanted to work on my project for Vanessa. I wanted to make her an outfit using some fake fur, but I needed to dye it gray for my needs. I set it up last night hoping that I could get it finished for today, but this morning it was still soaking wet, even though I had left it out to dry the entire night. I couldn't work with it like that, so in my frustration I found myself over on flickr. Someone had liked my photo of my Sindy wearing Charlotte's Halloween costume. So I went over to their page to see what they posted, they collected Sindy dolls! So I flipped though their photos, and found one that was really cute. It was a Sindy doll wearing a sweatshirt with a plaid skirt. Hey, you know who has a sweatshirt.... and a plaid skirt.... So I pulled though the clothing bags until I found them, and Sindy tried them on. The shirt's a little tight in the upper arm, and the sleeves are a bit long, but it's certainly cute. It's giving me a Nancy Drew vibe, which is fitting since it was Charlotte's 40's outfit. It's good that I finally found something for Sindy because she's been a bit tricky lately. I've been trying to dress her, but she's been being a real pain. The other day I found a picture of a doll that looked very "Alice In Wonderland", my original plans for Sindy that I couldn't get to work. But this doll was labeled "Little Red Riding Hood", which made me think. Alice and Little Red had both the innocent appeal that I liked for Sindy, and I still had Charlotte's costume kicking around from Halloween, so I tried it on her. It was really cute, plus it was great to be able show off a costume that I just had otherwise kicking around in the bag, the only thing that I had to do was make a pair of socks for her since her lower half was too different from Charlotte's. But then there was an issue, I really liked the look when it was just the shirt and the dress, without the hood/caplet. It was really cute, but I couldn't bear to break up the full outfit like that. So I started to remake the pieces again so Sindy could have her own outfit. I made the underskirt, part of the shirt, and the start of the jumper before I quit. I was using that John Deere plaid pattern, using up most of it. But, honestly it was not coming out very well, I was having a bad sewing day, so I quit. Not sure if I'll come back to it, but that was several days ago, and I have yet to do anything with it. I put Sindy away on the bookshelf where she belonged only wearing the completed underskirt and her socks. Today I was able to dress her with stuff that I already had made (Charlotte was willing to give it to her, she hadn't even look at since I made it back in... October?). Sindy did have to give up her underskirt since it messed up the silhouette of the skirt, but she was able to keep her socks and shoes. And like that Sindy was dressed, who knew that she would eventually find her outfit from things I already made? At this rate I'm going to need more dolls just so I have someone to dress. Anyone want to send me some?
Sadly I must say that's where my sewing success ended for the day (oh wait, I didn't really sew anything.). Even though the fur wasn't quite dry enough I did try and work with it. It ended up soaking the fabric that I was working with. It wasn't a total failure actually, I did manage to make the skirt, and it's actually really cute. This is the first thing that I made for Vanessa using Vanessa that came out. Last time everything that I made for her that came out decently I used Charlotte to make it, only giving it to Vanessa when it was all done. The jacket was where my luck gave out. It came out... interesting. Not at all how I wanted it to, but there's nothing actually wrong with it physically, I just don't like the look. It's reading a little too "ethnic" and not "sexy", so I'm going to have to rethink what I'm going to do with it. I may end up having to dye more fur! But honestly that's going to have to wait until Saturday since tomorrow is "Finish it up Friday", and I'm going to go with my Dad to go get my Sister's old futon. He's bribing me into going by offering to take me to some second hand stores. He obviously doesn't play fair! So I might not even get into my regular Friday stuff, much less something extra. See you tomorrow!

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