Friday, March 25, 2011

Finish it up Friday comes back...ish

Well today was an interesting day (I always say that, but it never really is). It started with Charlotte losing a dress, or at least giving it up. Usually Charlotte would get a dress, then in a few days it would head off to someone else and she'd get something different. But for the past five outfits I've created for her, nobody's claimed them after her. It's not that there's something wrong with them, in fact they've all been really nice, clothes that I wouldn't mind having in the collection. The problem is, they don't work for everyone, and everyone that can wear them are already satisfactorily dressed. And since I like these outfits, and that I just made them, they've been kicking around, even though Charlotte's not wearing them. I just can't bear to put them away just yet. I guess I'm just waiting for someone to come along and want them. Today was that day for one of the outfits. It was a shirt dress that I made recently and didn't bother sharing with you all, although I did take pictures of it and posted them over on Flickr. It's been hanging out for a few days before someone asked for it. It went to my Ponytail Reproduction Barbie. The funny thing is she was wearing a dress made from the same fabric as her new dress, and I've only made two things from this fabric. I guess it's just her color. Last year when she got the first dress she took it from Charlotte as soon as it was done, but now that she can have it back Charlotte's not interested. I guess she's moved onto different things. Oh well, more fodder for the bag. It's weird, even though I was racking my brain to find someone vintage to take the dress, I just couldn't, I guess I'm happy with how most of them are dressed, never though I'd reach that point, weird.
With the dress on it's new owner I started off with my actual work for "Finish it up Friday", but before I begin that, I want to add an amendment to it. I still have a bunch of stuff kicking around from the Blue Box of Doom, some of it needs to be rewashed, some of it needs to be repaired, and some of it needs to get thrown out. From now on I'm including that in stuff that I can work on for Friday, anything to get rid of that bag that's been hanging out in my room for like, forever. I didn't do that for this week, but maybe I will next week.
Anyway for my first thing, it was modifying something that I didn't make. I really don't remember where this came from, it was just in the box waiting for me. It was originally a cheap Ken knock off tuxedo shirt and pants, that were all attached. The pants were messed up, and made out of some cheap nylon, but the shirt was decent and out of cotton. So I decided to remove them and try and salvage the shirt. I ended up having to resew a great deal of it, even reattaching the Velcro in the back. I also tacked down the collar, the original had an issue with sticking straight up. I also removed the fraying ribbon bow tie it had. Not sure if I'll ever use this, but at least I've got the option now. I didn't bother with the pants because they're easy to make. I've actually got a decent number of pants that would work with this actually.
After that I worked on something else, but I didn't get around to finishing it, so it will have to wait for another day. After that I worked on this skirt. I actually have no clue why I made it, but now that I'm thinking about it, I think it was a failed attempt at something for Talking Barbie, but I don't really remember. I had to basically redo this entire thing, since whatever I did to it originally didn't come out too hot, but I didn't do very much with this before I originally called it quits. But it's done now, another skirt for the bag, came out kind of cute though.
After that I was looking though the box for another project when I was called downstairs by my father. I don't know how much about this project you guys know about, but I've been in need of a thread holder. Since I've been getting some new colors for my sewing project, the spools have outgrown the box I keep them in. I could either buy a new one at Hobby Lobby for 14.99, or have my Dad make one for considerably less. This one is made out of a cabinet drawer from Habitat for Humanity, costing us 38 cents. I marked off where I wanted the holes and my Dad drilled for me. So today I cut some dowels into 2 inch long sticks, wrapped tape around the ends, and pushed them into the holes he drilled. And then I had a thread holder! It actually looks really nice, and holds 21 spools. I had to tape the end of the dowels because they were smaller than the holes, they're really secure with the tape, but can I still take them out in case I need to. Like if I break one or something. Pretty cool, huh? Yay for new sewing stuff at a fraction for the cost. (Counting it for Friday's total)
After that I moved onto something else. But first I did move all of my spools into this new holder, and it looks pretty nice, and I even have a few spots still free. Anyway, I decided to add another accessory to Charlotte's current outfit. I decided she needed gloves. Ugh, gloves, so hard to make, but make so many outfits. So I set out to make them. I actually pulled out the old sewing machine to make this, my machine doesn't have the right tension setting to do it correctly. The first glove I messed up and made too short, but it wasn't a total loss. I have a Silkstone doll that's missing a glove, not sure where it went, so I think I may have accidentally thrown it out. Anyway, the poor gal's been wearing only one glove since them, (and I pushed her hand out of sight, so you can really notice that it's bare) and since it's short the one I made was a match for it. After that I made two more gloves a little bit longer for Charlotte. They're cute, but I just know that as soon as she takes them off someone's going to ask for them, it never fails.
And so that's what I got done today, technically five things, but not like usual. But still progress is progress and at least I know I'm going to use the thread holder and gloves compared to the shirt and skirt. So really, which is better?

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