Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting something else done when sewing isn't working.

Since I can't even think of anything I want to try and sew today I'm doing something else with the time compared to stressing over it. Instead I'm going to share with you some pictures from Connecticut, of the real Ellen Francis. And yes, I have been holding onto these pictures since November, let's hope they are like fine wine and get better with age.
In case you forgot what I'm talking about here's the original post about Ellen Francis; Her post
Now that everyone's all caught up, I'll start off with some details. Here's what the back of her shoulder plate reads;
Armand Marseille
Made in Germany
This mean's that she's a model 370, which is the more common models. I guess she's the Barbie of the bisque world. But I'm not interested in her for any sort of financial gain, just a sentimental one. Without further delay, here's some actual pictures of this lovely lady:
Her in her display caseHer outside of the display case
And Showing off her sleep eyes
Lovely, isn't she? I honestly can't imagine having a doll so fragile to play with. Growing up I had one porcelain type doll ever, and yes she did get broken. Although in my defense it wasn't by me, it was by my witch of a sister. She was being mean and accidentally broke her (while still being mean). But I will man up and admit I've broken plenty of Barbie dolls in my time, and probably haven't stopped with that yet. Luckily most of my dolls aren't easily broken, I've dropped each of them plenty of times. If ever get a chance to own Ellen Francis here, I'm never going to touch her, never ever!
Okay, maybe a little...but I'll still be super careful...

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