Monday, March 14, 2011

Got some writing done today...

Today was a writing day, and so that's what I started my day off with. I managed to get "Jadillo Cookout" finished (first draft). It only ended up being nine pages, but that's still something impressive. It started out as four pages, so I really expanded it. When it was done I added it to the whole word document. Right now the book stands at 116 pages (14 font, single spaced), which is mind blowing. I can't believe that this book has swelled to such a huge amount, and it's still growing. We're reaching the end of it, but I'm still not finished. When I was finished with that section, I did do some work on other sections. I did most of it in the previous section, "The Sky Cries Black Tears". For some reason that section had basically three drafts of the same scene. Each one saying the overall same thing, just worded differently. I guess I kept working on that scene, so I did some editing in it. I didn't get anymore writing done in any section, but I think that on Thursday I'll be more in the mindset of a different section. I'm still in the "Jadillo Cookout" scene mindset. I'm wondering if I need to add another section between that one and the next scene. Toying with it, but wondering if it's necessary, I guess I need to work on what I have before I decide what I still need for it. But more about that on Thursday.
When I was finished with writing I switched back to working on the dolls. But there's a big issue, I really don't have anything to work on right now. I know I say this all the time, but once again I've reached that problem again. I will however say that Charlotte's dressed. I figured that if I left her naked one more day I'd be attacked by her legions and legions of irate fans. But today I tried to get motivated to make something, but I just couldn't. There's just nothing that I want to make, and I spent a good chunk of the day just looking for stuff. I think that Charlotte needs an Easter dress (it's too late for a St. Patrick's day dress), so I tried looking at some of those, but I still haven't found anything I liked. I know it's early so I'm not too pressed. I just wish I had something at least in mind, but I guess something will happen, or else I'll go crazy and it won't be an issue. I think tomorrow might be a shopping day, so hopefully I'll have some more time to think about what I want to sew, or else just work on going crazy, either/or.

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