Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hump Day

Well today was a slow day. I couldn't think of anything to work on, so I waited to see what would come down the pike. Unfortunately, nothing ever really did, so I spent a pretty good chunk just "hanging out" and doing nothing. The worst part is it wasn't even the fun kind of nothing, just the regular boring kind, I might as well have gone back to bed. Eventually however I did manage to do some sewing, making a pair of cutoff shorts for Charlotte. I like the ones I had on her, but the ends are beginning to fray, badly. So I made my own pair, which got all the way to the point where I finished it, snap and all. It is however a little stiff and tight, so I looked up ways to soften denim, so right now they're soaking in some saltwater. I wish I knew how to get really think denim. Not sure if soaking these will work, but it was worth a try. No picture of it since they're soaking, but I'll update with one when they're finished. Other than that I worked a little bit on finding a decent sheath pattern dress, still no luck on that front. Right now all I'm really doing is making muslins and finding out what patterns don't work. I guess finding that "girl that fits the slipper" is going to be harder than what I thought. At this point I guess a lot of pattern adapting is in my near future for this project. Although, I must admit, my enthusiasm for this project is seriously waning... So it may end up never really getting finished. Either way I must admit I wish I had my next project at least thought out. (But I complain when I do have a project, and I complain when I don't, I'm just a complainer.) Either way, it's going to have to wait, tomorrow is a writing day, and the day after that is "Finish it up Friday", and I'm determined to get that done this week. Too many things have been going into that box, at this rate I'm going to need a second one. (The Horror!)

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