Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My day today, plus a rant/review

So I was correct that in fact today was a shopping day. So I packed my bags and got ready to hit the dusty trail. We went the the regular stops, including Walmart, where I avoided getting anything (not like that's a big deal currently, sigh). But this time I fell back into an old pattern, by going back to Hobby Lobby.
I haven't been in quite a while since I'm still miffed at them for raising their fabric prices. Also when I e-mailed them about it several weeks ago, I have yet to get a reply. At this point I would even welcome a standard, "Sorry you're mad, but there's nothing you can do about it, please keep giving us your money" e-mail that most companies have stashed away in their files. But all I've gotten from them is silence, which shows how much they don't care about me as a customer. Which is fine by me really, since that incident I've all but stopped shopping there. But today I had to venture into there for a different craft project. I had been alerted to a line of paint markers that Hobby Lobby sells. I had heard some good things about them for doll painting, and I was eager to try them out. I would love to be able to repaint dolls on my own, but have never been able to master working with paint. I love to draw, and consider myself good at it, so getting around that paint/paintbrush hurdle would be stellar. There's another reason that I was looking into learning this, Charlotte. Since she's been home from her repaint, I've noticed that her lower lip paint has been wearing off. It started only a few days after she came home, so even though I've been super careful with her, she's still had enough wear on it to really show. Right now I think most of her lower lip is gone. It's annoying, but livable. With these markers I'd be able to fix any of the little dings and scraps that come up along the way. You'll never know, I might start repainting dolls on my own. Wouldn't that be the thing! But these pens aren't cheap, each one of them costs 2.99, hardly a throw away amount, especially to me. That was the same price as the shoe pack that I bought last week, so I only bought one to start off with.
Judging from the Hobby Lobby website there's not exactly an assortment of colors out there in this line, from "Tree House Studios". It does however come in different style tips, fine, medium, and bold (Guessing on that last one, didn't see it in store). Their pinks color selection is a tad limited, consisting of two, light and dark. I ended up selecting dark pink, with a fine tip. Since Charlotte's lips are a lovely mauve color I was hoping this would be a decent match. I wasn't expecting a perfect color match, but something similar would be fine.
I waited until I was home to try it. At first the paint came out a bit too fast, and I really didn't get too much of a fine tip, but as I kept working with it, it did become very fine, which was nice. The colors in this line are not labeled in this line, you won't find any creative name like a box of crayola crayons, but for the sake of giving something a name, let's just call it "Streetwalker Pink", because that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it in person. Whoever designed the packaging mush have not have the best eyesight, because the color indicator was incredibly different than what came out of that marker. This was a bold, almost florescent pink. It makes me shudder to think what I would have ended up with had I selected the brighter pink. But I thought, perhaps I was being a bit unfair with Streetwalker Pink. As of that point I had only tested it on white paper. Maybe when it was on top of a darker color of a plastic doll it would be more muted, and not so shocking.
So I pulled out my practice doll and started painting. Since I was just playing around, I just drew stuff for fun, ignoring that it was all pink. I drew on a couple eyebrows, an eye, a mole, as well as a lower lip. I will say that my control wasn't the best, but that was my fault not that of a pen. There were some minor paint skips, but I think when I learn the tricks and techniques of the pen it will go much better. The paint was a bit soupy, but did manage to stay where I put it. The color was unchanged from going the while paper to the skin tone of my practice doll, still super PINK! Satisfied that I had seen enough of how this pen worked I went to go remove the (still wet) paint from my doll's face. There was when a nasty surprise was in store for me. Like many people who had allowed a streetwalker into their car I found myself with a nasty little issue. The paint, for being on the doll for less than two minutes, had stained her. Every single spot that the paint had touched had burned a bright pink mark onto the doll's skin. Thank goodness I didn't try this out on Charlotte first. I don't know if the stains are ever going to come out, and I'm shocked that people would recommend this for dolls. And I'm especially shocked that this paint was so stain happy, it's not like it's cheap paint. For that price I could get several regular markers that stained just as much, and painted just as well. Honestly I find myself growing more and more disenfranchised with Hobby Lobby as a whole. I sent them a tweet though twitter over my disappointment from that marker, not that I'm expecting a response. Honestly, I'm going to keep spending less and less time in there over stuff like this.
Sad but true, lesson learned. Oh, also the paint pen, stinks! I'd be willing to put up with it if it wasn't such a crap product, so disappointed right now. Now what am I going to do with a almost brand new bright pink paint pen? Too expensive to trash, to worthless to use.


  1. Hey, just read your review on the pen, yep catching up on blogs still, and I'm not sure what kind of staining you are talking about, but you might be able to get it out with acetone or nail polish remover with acetone in it or some zit cream and sun exposure. I wanted to try those pens for some furniture touch ups. Thanks for telling the price of them. That price is a bit steep seeing that I want several colors, so I guess I will save up. I never thought to use the pen on dolls. Sucks that it didn't work. I would have liked that. I don't have the best control with a brush either, which is why I tried the color pencil route. I still need to update on that. I'm going to try it again with a new varnish. Think I'll update on that today or tomorrow. So glad you didn't try the pens on Charlotte. That would have been horrible.

  2. Yeah, if the pens worked well on dolls it would have been amazing. I just don't have the skill level of working a paintbrush like I do with a pencil. With the staining it's like a faint pink mark of where the paint was, it leeched into the plastic on the doll's face. Honestly I don't really care that much about getting it out. The doll is a super cheap clone doll that I bought just to practice with. And if I used Charlotte, you'd still be hearing about it!