Friday, March 18, 2011

No Finish it up Friday this week...

Took a break from "Finish it up Friday" today. It's the great thing about being your own boss, you can take a break and it's not a big issue. I just wasn't feeling it today, so I skipped. Didn't do much sewing this week, so there was nothing new in the box. Still lots to do in it, but nothing new, so I kind of break even.
Instead I ended up just being lazy all day. I didn't do anything productive, instead I read blogs, sat around, watched tv, read gossip websites, all that fun stuff. I did manage to get some sewing done today, but it was just a quick test of a pattern, one that I had to stop after the test stage because I need some materials to make the actual thing I want to.
Luckily, tomorrow I'm going to go out and pick them up. Although I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to make anything tomorrow, even with the correct supplies in hand. I've got something else scheduled for my day, cupcakes. My mother and my sister are having their birthday's soon, (the 27th and 28th) and we're having a party on Sunday for both of them. We're all going up to Raleigh to my sister's for the day. Originally she was going to have one of her work friends make the cake, but yesterday her friend canceled and my sister asked us to make it. My mom asked me to help, since I don't think it's right to make your own birthday cake, and it's easier if I spearhead the whole thing, I just said I would do it. Instead of cake, I'm going to make cupcakes since I think that they are easier to finish than a cake. I personally find it much easier to pick one up and just eat it than go though all the hassle with a cake, getting a plate, cutting it, putting it on the plate, etc, etc. I know I'm more inclined to eat a cupcake (or twelve), besides it's still cake, just in a smaller form. But either way I have to make it, tomorrow. So you might not get any real updates from me tomorrow, so heads up, Sunday might be a shot day too.

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