Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Redress List for March

Another Month Begin, another time this list is Posted...

Right now the redress list consists of:

Teen Skipper,
Princess Lea,
Integrity Toys Doll 2,
Integrity Toys Doll 3,
Marie 1,
Marie 2,

Dolls taken off the list: P.J., Talking Barbie, Christmas Ken, Christmas Bubblecut, Skooter
Dolls added to the list: P.J., Talking Barbie
In a shocking display we've had a grand total of FIVE dolls dressed last month (the shortest month no less!)! Our biggest change since the history of the redress list, which is a great thing in my book. I also bumped a G.I. Joe off the list, not because I redressed him, but because I don't really care enough to redress him.
Pretty shocking amount taken off the list, and no real additions, let's hope next month is as productive! (Okay, maybe with some new additions to the collection...)

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