Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday for a Book worm

Saturday was a pretty low key day today. And by low key, I mean I didn't do any sewing for the dolls. I barely did anything today with them besides dress a few of them that were still off the bookshelf from yesterday. Basically I put Vanessa away, still wearing her new dress, but her first outfit is still at her feet, when I get tired of this dress she's going back. I also put away Cosette and Most Mod Part Becky, but their outfits aren't finished yet. Both of them need some accessories for their clothes, but I didn't get around to making them, just not motivated enough. Even Charlotte is suffering from this lack of enthusiasm. As I'm writing this she's sitting over on the desk, only wearing a pair of shoes, since I confiscated her clothes to put into the spares bag. Luckily it's warm or else she'd be freezing in her Mattel given nudity.
Instead of sewing I did some other things that were more interesting to me. I started reading one of the books that I purchased the other day. Since I got so many I'm going to have quite a backlog to work my way though before I really need more reading material. On the bad side, some of the books I'm not exactly gungho to read. I got them because I'm sure I'd want to read them eventually, it's just right now I'm not dying to read them. So I started off with the book about Cleopatra. This was one that I just grabbed because it looked interesting, I didn't even know if it was historical or fantasy, adult or young adult, and so on. But in an exciting turn of events I went outside to read. It was a nice enough day to go outside and sit in the hammock. Since I didn't know if I would like the book I brought out another one in case the first book was terrible. I ended up only reading the Cleopatra book, it was an okay. It was a fictionalized account of Cleopatra's life using actual history as a base (with some poetic license), it was an okay book, but certainly not the best. There were a few times where I really didn't like the main character, like at all. Honestly, if I had the choice I would have stopped reading, but I've very rarely ever stopped reading a book after I started reading it. So I kept reading even though I had to move indoors after being outside for a half hour. While it was a nice sunshiney day today the windchill made it too much to be outside for too long. But the few times that the wind died down and the sun got to shine was really nice.
Even after I moved inside I kept reading, wanting to finish the book and move on. I did do some work on those Disney Princess shoes, but no pictures until their finished. Not sure what to do tomorrow, hopefully it will be a productive day, or not!

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