Thursday, March 24, 2011

So, I think I gave up buying dolls for lent...

Even though I didn't plan that at all, I think I really have. And I'm not even Catholic! I just haven't found any dolls that I want, or at least in my price range. I mean there's plenty of dolls I want online, just not a whole lot I can afford. But in terms of playline dolls out there, there's nothing that I really want. Sure I wouldn't mind if a few of the Barbie Basics came my way, but I'm not willing to spend that much money on a doll that I'm not totally in love with. For twenty bucks I could do a lot of other things, buy some new clothes, get a body for my (bald) TNT Barbie head, get some fabric, put it aside for Kyu, or even get some doll hair for some re-roots. On that note, I'm getting into the mood to do another re-root, I just need to talk myself into doing it. There's still several dolls waiting to be finished. I just need to get the energy to actually do it. And the one I really want to re-root I don't have the correct color hair for, so you might see me doing that, you might not. I'm usually pretty good at avoiding doing re-roots.
But anyway, today, was supposed to be a writing day, but I skipped it. I'm still thinking about how to finish that section, something's starting to form in my mind and I didn't want to rush it. It doesn't hurt that today was a shopping day. Originally I was thinking I was going to skip going, but decided to go when asked. We hit up the normal stores, including several second hand stores, where I turned up nothing. I even skipped going to Walmart and opted to go to the Dollar Tree instead. There I found a Barbie clone! It was actually pretty exciting because they never seem to exist anymore, usually they are Bratz sized or smaller. She was an odd one, her hands were actually really nice, using an interesting sculpt, her hair was pink, and she came with bright pink Barbie t-strap shoes, but the most interesting part about her were her legs. They were tiny, and I do mean tiny. It was like they stuck pencils under her skirt. It was pretty comical to see, and I did toy with getting her, but it would have been a waste of a dollar. Maybe if any of the clothes were decent, or if I could use her shoes I would have, but I didn't like any style of the dresses she came with, and I've never been a fan of those shoes. I have several of them from Mattel and nobody wears them. Here's the link from the dollar tree so you can see what I mean about her: Summer Cruzin' Dolls, freaky, right?
That's all I got done today, pretty uneventful overall. Here's hoping I'll get enough gumption to get "Finish it up Friday" done this week.


  1. Ok, now I want to go get those dolls to investigate them. I'm a sucker for comical Barbie clones from Dollar Tree. Nooooo!!! I feel my monies flying away.

  2. Well, it's only a dollar. Although even when I go in there for one thing I always manage to find more than that. There's just so many possibilities at a price that can't be beat!